Market Dip Offers Opportunity for Investors to Buy the Dip

Despite Bitcoin falling below $65,000, some bullish speculators are still defending the market.

Bitcoin Drops to $65,000 Despite Positive Indicators

Bitcoin's price has dropped nearly 5% over the past seven days. Most metrics and market

Bitcoin Trading at $66,400 with Positive On-Chain Signals

The Bitcoin Taker Buy-Sell Ratio has risen above one, indicating increased buying pressure. BTC remains

Bitcoin Falls to $66,000 as New Addresses Decline

The Fed's decision to keep interest rates steady draws criticism from analysts. Bitcoin's price drops,

Bitcoin Returns to $68,000 After Key FED Meeting

Bitcoin surged to nearly $70,000 after the FED decided to keep interest rates unchanged, but

Bitcoin Rebounds to $67,000 as Inflows Continue into ETFs

Despite previous inflows worth billions, ETFs experienced net outflows on June 10. Long-term holders are

Bitcoin Holds at $69,000 Despite Record Inflows

Investments in Bitcoin reached $1.97 billion, while Ethereum saw inflows of $69 million. Short-term holders

Bitcoin Trades at $69,600 as Whales Continue to Accumulate

Bitcoin whales have amassed significant amounts of BTC in recent days. Holder profits are on


Bitcoin Falls to $70,800 as Open Interest Hits All-Time High

Bitcoin continues to trade within a narrow range, standing at $70,800, while futures open interest


The Binance World Championship with 1 BNB Prize

Special Prize from Binance World Championship: Trade $100 per conversion contract, spot, and futures to


Bitcoin Surges to $71,700 as Whales Ramp Up Accumulation

Whales have been steadily accumulating bitcoin, with addresses holding over 1,000 BTC now collectively owning

Bitcoin Surges to $70,700 as Miner Reserves Deplete

Bitcoin mining reserves have dropped to their lowest level since the start of the year,


The First Bitcoin ETF Spot Officially Launched in Australia

Monochrome Asset Management, an Australian investment firm, is set to introduce Australia’s first spot Bitcoin

Bitcoin Trading at $69,000 as Volume Drops to Historic Lows

Recent data reveals that Bitcoin trading volume has plummeted to historic lows, indicating a significant

Bitcoin Rises to $67,600, Aiming for New Peak Post-Halving

Trader Peter Brandt predicts that Bitcoin's bull run is mirroring previous post-halving cycles. If this

Bitcoin Trades at $68,400 Amid Easing Inflation

Bitcoin is trading at $68,400, influenced by recent data. Investors are skeptical of the Fed's


Bitcoin Drops to $67,000 But Bullish Momentum Remains Strong

Current evidence suggests that Bitcoin has the potential to rise significantly higher. Bitcoin held for

Bitcoin Rebounds to $68,400 as BlackRock Adds to ETF Holdings

Bitcoin has climbed back above $68,000, as BlackRock's bond and income-focused funds purchased shares of

Market Plummets as Mt.Gox Moves $2.9 Billion Worth of Bitcoin

The bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange Mt.Gox has transferred billions of dollars' worth of Bitcoin from cold


Bitcoin Trading at $69,000, Repeating 2020 Cycle

The Bitcoin Rainbow Chart has entered the "buy" zone following the halvings in 2020 and

Bitcoin Rebounds to $68,000 as Demand Surges

Bitcoin has shown a positive response on the price charts, yet social metrics indicate some

Bitcoin Corrects to $67,000 Despite Ethereum ETF Approval

A bearish trend in the crypto markets triggered a $120 billion liquidation. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum


Bitcoin Whales Accumulate Aggressively Amid Market Euphoria

Bitcoin whale activity experienced an unusual increase, a phenomenon typically not seen at this stage


Bitcoin Falls to $69,000 as Goldman Sachs CEO Comments on Fed Decision

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon has stated that the Fed will not cut interest rates


Trump Campaign Accepts Crypto as Bitcoin Hits $70,000

Donald Trump’s 2024 campaign is now accepting cryptocurrency donations, positioning him as a pro-crypto candidate


Bitcoin Surges to $71,000 with Stable Funding Rate

Bitcoin has surged to $71,000, marking the highest price in the past two months, accompanied


Bitcoin Trades at $66,000, Repeating Historical Bullish Pattern

Bitcoin experienced a strong rally in early May. The SSR oscillator bands saw a dip


Market Volatility Ahead of $2.1 Billion BTC and ETH Options Expiry

Today, $2.1 billion worth of Bitcoin and Ethereum options are set to expire. According to


Bitcoin Dips to $65,000 Amid Major Selling Pressure from FTX

FTX has unveiled a plan to repay creditors up to $16.3 billion. Analysts anticipate these


Bitcoin Whales Accelerate While Prices Lag Behind

The break in Bitcoin's daily downtrend and the surge in demand from whales suggest that