Binance Announces MEW Memecoin Listing on Binance Futures

Binance Exchange Announces Listing of Cat in a Dogs World (MEW) - A Memecoin Developed

ETH Drops Sharply as Whales Increase Accumulation

Ethereum whales have accumulated substantial amounts of ETH over the past few days. Despite these

How to Receive Notcoin (NOT) on BingX

The cryptocurrency exchange BingX is excited to announce the listing of Notcoin (NOT) on its

Bitcoin Drops to $65,000 Despite Positive Indicators

Bitcoin's price has dropped nearly 5% over the past seven days. Most metrics and market

Guide to Participate in The Beacon Airdrop

The Beacon is a fantasy-themed roguelite role-playing game developed on Arbitrum. The Beacon has confirmed

Guide to Participate in ZKsync ByStarter and Earn ZK Tokens on Bybit

Join the zkSync ByStarter event on Bybit for a chance to win ZK Tokens, with

Pepe Poised to Surge as Buy Signals Emerge

Pepe's price has started to climb following news of the potential approval of an Ethereum

Will Hamster Kombat be Listed on Binance or OKX?

Hamster Kombat - a tap-to-earn project similar to Notcoin, has attracted over 150 million users

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XRP Has Recovered But Trader Sentiment Remains Low

XRP has experienced a minor recovery, reclaiming the $0.5 USD price level; however, trader sentiment remains low.


Bitcoin Halving Chart History Analysis

Let's explore the Bitcoin Halving Chart History - a visual representation illustrating halving events and their impact. From there, we can gain a better understanding of Bitcoin's supply cycle model.


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