What is ERC20? A Guide to Creating an ERC20 Wallet

What is ERC20? For cryptocurrency investors, ERC20 is a familiar term. However, many still aren't


The DeFi Boom Could Propel Ethereum Prices to $3500

Ethereum is showing signs of a bullish reversal, supported by DeFi sentiment and positive technical


Ripple’s XRPL Blockchain Expands Cross-Chain DeFi Integration

Ripple collaborated closely with the XRP Ledger blockchain community to develop an ecosystem for an


Solana DeFi TVL Skyrockets by 80% in One Month

Despite the overall market downturn, demand for SOL remained resilient, driving Solana's DeFi TVL to


Major DeFi Protocol Hacked: $2 Million Stolen

Unizen fell victim to a recent exploit, where a trade aggregator attack manipulated smart contracts,

DeFi Yields Surge to Highest Levels in Two Years

After achieving a record-breaking week with a staggering $84.5 billion in volume, the decentralized derivatives


Locked Value in Defi Approaches the $100 Billion Milestone

The total value locked (TVL) in decentralized finance (Defi) protocols has not only surpassed the


Crypto Weekly (19/02 – 25/02): DeFi is Back

Let's review all the significant news from the crypto market last week and highlight the


Blueberry DeFi Protocol Temporarily Pauses Lending

Blueberry, a decentralized finance protocol, successfully halted its operations in response to an urgent need

MetaMask Surpasses 30 Million Users in Just 5 Months

MetaMask has experienced an impressive surge in monthly active users (MAUs), surpassing 30 million.


Stablecoin Surge Reinforces Dollar’s DeFi Dominance

In the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), the growing significance of stablecoins denominated in United


Nethermind Experiences Error Impacting Ethereum Validators

Nethermind's Execution Client software encountered an error, disrupting the normal operation of numerous validators on

Defi TVL Exceeds $55 Billion Amid Crypto Market Surge

Decentralized finance (defi) total value locked (TVL) experiences remarkable growth amidst a robust uptrend in

Avalanche (AVAX) Rises 10% After Key Initiative

Avalanche (AVAX) showcases remarkable resilience, witnessing a notable 10% price surge in the past 24

Major Ethereum Whale Activity in Exchanges and DeFi

A notable Ethereum (ETH) whale has orchestrated a significant fund transfer, moving approximately $46.02 million

Advancements in DeFi Unveil Abundant Opportunities

DeFi, a dynamic landscape of cutting-edge advancements, unfolds a myriad of opportunities in the present

DeFi and Stablecoins Could Gain from Fed Rate Cuts

In 2024, DeFi products might lure institutions if the Federal Reserve dampens yields in traditional

CFTC Issues Report on DeFi, Spotlights Regulatory Concerns

The report seeks to steer discussions on U.S. policies, highlighting the continuum from centralization to

Celsius Announces Discontinuation of ETH Staking Activities

Bankrupt crypto company Celsius said it will stop ETH staking activities to serve the asset

Klaytn Welcomes Gold-Backed DeFi on Board

Klaytn introduced a groundbreaking platform, accompanied by its own cryptocurrency, which boasts the distinction of

Polygon Labs Proposes Critical Infrastructure for DeFi

The evolving regulatory landscape has thrust decentralized finance (DeFi) into the spotlight, prompting protocols and

By the End of 2023, DeFi Industry TVL Exceeds the 50B Mark

The TVL of the entire DeFi industry has recovered to $53 billion, which is the

Cardano Takes the Lead as DeFi Gains Momentum

Cardano ($ADA), a prominent smart contract platform, has successfully maintained its position as the leader

Optimism’s TVL Soars 7% Amid High Demand in One Month

A substantial rise in Optimism's daily transactions and active user addresses has triggered a notable

One of the Largest Lending Protocols Expands to Sui

Solend's entrance into the scene is poised to amplify Sui's impressive DeFi momentum, contributing to

DeFi Exploit Losses Reach a Two-Year Low in 2023

In the fiscal year of 2023, the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector witnessed a total of

Top 3 DeFi Projects Worth Considering

With the total value locked (TVL) in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space consistently surpassing $50

LayerZero Will Issue Tokens In 2024

After a long period of rumors, the LayerZero team has finally confirmed that they will

Solana’s DeFi and Network Surge, But Full Recovery Road Long

Solana's weekly active addresses have seen a twofold increase since December 2022, signaling a noteworthy

Umee and Osmosis Join Forces to Forge Cosmos DeFi Powerhouse

Umee and Osmosis are set to merge, forming a 'DeFi Hub' as Umee's UX Chain