Bitcoin Drops to $65,700, Miners’ Capitulation Ends

Bitcoin is currently trading at $65,700, having slightly declined from its peak of $68,400 on

Bitcoin Trading Above $67,000 with Most Addresses in Profit

Bitcoin is holding strong at the time of writing, fluctuating above $67,000. Despite the challenging

Bitcoin Surges to $68,000, Dominates Entire Market

Analysts suggest that the altcoin season may slow down as BTC's dominance could surge. However,

Crypto Weekly (15/07 – 21/07): BTC Rebounds, Bitcoin ETFs See Continuous Inflows

Last week, Bitcoin recovered strongly by around 10% after facing strong selling pressure from institutional

Bitcoin Drops to $64,000 Amid U.S. Stock Market Plunge

Bitcoin has corrected back below $64,000 as the U.S. stock market experiences a sharp decline.

Bitcoin Surpasses $66,000 for the First Time in Weeks

On July 17, Bitcoin surpassed $66,000. Recent gains have been driven by whales and institutional

Bitcoin Surpasses $65,000 Amid Strong Buying Sentiment

The net position of long-term holders has turned positive. BTC has converted its previous resistance

Cryptocurrency Community Speculates on China “Lifting” Bitcoin Ban

Despite the rumors on social media about the possibility of China lifting the ban on

Bitcoin Surges to $64,000 Alongside MicroStrategy and Coinbase Stocks

Bitcoin has risen to $64,000, its highest price in nearly two weeks, alongside strong gains

Elon Musk Publicly Endorses President Donald Trump

"I fully endorse President Trump and hope for his rapid recovery" Elon Musk wrote on


Bitcoin Rebounds to $61,200 as Whales Ramp Up Accumulation

Bitcoin whales have not accumulated this much Bitcoin within a 30-day period since April 2023,

Bitcoin Price Nears $60k as the German Government Runs Out of Bitcoin to Sell

The wallets linked to the German government hit a balance of zero as of Friday,

Bitcoin Falls to $56,750 Despite Multiple Growth Drivers

Despite the recent downturn in the cryptocurrency market, several catalysts still offer opportunities for long-term

Silicon Valley Mogul Sends $50,000 in BTC to AI Bot

After inquiring about its goals, the tech giant provided a grant to support these objectives,

Trump Prepares for Bitcoin Event as Price Stands at $57,500

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has been announced as a speaker at the upcoming Bitcoin

Bitcoin Approaches $60,000 with Positive On-Chain Signals

Bitcoin has risen to $57,700 at the current moment, edging closer to the critical $60,000

Comparing ETH with BTC Before ETF Launch

Ethereum [ETH] has experienced several price corrections over the past month. This comes at a

Bitcoin Trades at $56,500 as ETF Inflows Return

The cryptocurrency investment sector, which experienced significant outflows in recent weeks, has seen a reversal,

Germany Holds $2.2 Billion in Bitcoin, Representing 10% of the Total Trading Volume

Germany's Influence on the Cryptocurrency Market Continues to Draw Attention with Its Significant Bitcoin Holdings


Crypto Weekly (01/07 – 07/07): BTC Drops to Lowest Level in 5 Months

The crypto market was heavily battered last week as Bitcoin plummeted to its lowest level

Bitcoin Falls to $54,500: A Chance to Accumulate

Bitcoin continues to decline today, reaching $54,500. However, this could be a good opportunity for

Justin Sun Offers to Buy German Government’s Bitcoin

This government-linked wallet has been consistently selling its Bitcoin holdings, posing an ongoing threat of

Bitcoin Drops Below $57,000, Sparking Panic Among New Investors

As Bitcoin falls below $57,000, investors are growing increasingly anxious about market volatility and its

Bitcoin Drops Below $60,000 in Preparation for Major Price Surge

An analyst has forecasted a significant rise in Bitcoin's price. Recent market indicators suggest an


Bitcoin Drops Below $62,000, Poised for a Major Rebound

According to renowned analyst PlanB, Bitcoin is on the brink of a significant recovery. On-chain

Bitcoin Rises to Nearly $63,000 Amid Sharp Hashrate Decline

Bitcoin has rebounded to nearly $63,000 as the hashrate drops to levels seen in December

Crypto Weekly (24/06 – 30/06): Bitcoin Wild Swings, Mt. Gox Repayments to Commence

The crypto market at the end of June witnessed several significant events, accompanied by strong


Bitcoin Surges to $63,000, Welcomes July in the Green

Bitcoin has surged to over $63,000 on the first day of July, a month historically


UAE Leads the World in Cryptocurrency Adoption

The adoption of cryptocurrency has seen a significant rise worldwide, with the United Arab Emirates


Bitcoin Approaches $62,000, but Signals Remain Very Bearish

According to analyst Willy Woo, Bitcoin's recent price recovery is technical rather than fundamental. Despite