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Bitcoin Drops to $64,000 Amid U.S. Stock Market Plunge

Bitcoin has corrected back below $64,000 as the U.S. stock market experiences a sharp decline.

Bitcoin Surpasses $66,000 for the First Time in Weeks

On July 17, Bitcoin surpassed $66,000. Recent gains have been driven by whales and institutional

Bitcoin Surpasses $65,000 Amid Strong Buying Sentiment

The net position of long-term holders has turned positive. BTC has converted its previous resistance

Bitcoin Surges to $64,000 Alongside MicroStrategy and Coinbase Stocks

Bitcoin has risen to $64,000, its highest price in nearly two weeks, alongside strong gains

Bitcoin Rebounds to $61,200 as Whales Ramp Up Accumulation

Bitcoin whales have not accumulated this much Bitcoin within a 30-day period since April 2023,

Bitcoin Falls to $56,750 Despite Multiple Growth Drivers

Despite the recent downturn in the cryptocurrency market, several catalysts still offer opportunities for long-term

Trump Prepares for Bitcoin Event as Price Stands at $57,500

Former U.S. President Donald Trump has been announced as a speaker at the upcoming Bitcoin

Bitcoin Approaches $60,000 with Positive On-Chain Signals

Bitcoin has risen to $57,700 at the current moment, edging closer to the critical $60,000

Bitcoin Trades at $56,500 as ETF Inflows Return

The cryptocurrency investment sector, which experienced significant outflows in recent weeks, has seen a reversal,

Bitcoin Falls to $54,500: A Chance to Accumulate

Bitcoin continues to decline today, reaching $54,500. However, this could be a good opportunity for

Bitcoin Drops Below $57,000, Sparking Panic Among New Investors

As Bitcoin falls below $57,000, investors are growing increasingly anxious about market volatility and its

Bitcoin Drops Below $60,000 in Preparation for Major Price Surge

An analyst has forecasted a significant rise in Bitcoin's price. Recent market indicators suggest an


Bitcoin Drops Below $62,000, Poised for a Major Rebound

According to renowned analyst PlanB, Bitcoin is on the brink of a significant recovery. On-chain

Bitcoin Rises to Nearly $63,000 Amid Sharp Hashrate Decline

Bitcoin has rebounded to nearly $63,000 as the hashrate drops to levels seen in December

Bitcoin Surges to $63,000, Welcomes July in the Green

Bitcoin has surged to over $63,000 on the first day of July, a month historically


Bitcoin Approaches $62,000, but Signals Remain Very Bearish

According to analyst Willy Woo, Bitcoin's recent price recovery is technical rather than fundamental. Despite

Bitcoin Drops to $61,000 as Whales Seize the Opportunity to Accumulate

Despite market pressures driving Bitcoin down to $61,000, whale investors have seized this excellent opportunity

Bitcoin Rebounds to $62,000, Forming Key Bullish Pattern

Bitcoin has rebounded to $62,000 after dropping to a low of $58,400 the previous day.


Bitcoin Drops Below $65,000 as MicroStrategy Ramps Up Accumulation

Bitcoin's price continues to struggle, staying below the crucial $65,000 support level despite purchasing activity


Bitcoin Trading at $65,000 with Low Exchange Activity

BTC holders continue to see profits from their investments, despite the coin's narrow price fluctuations.

Bitcoin Drops to $65,000, Creating Accumulation Opportunities for Whales

Whales have taken advantage of Bitcoin's price drop to increase their holdings.

Bitcoin Drops to $65,000 Despite Positive Indicators

Bitcoin's price has dropped nearly 5% over the past seven days. Most metrics and market


Bitcoin Trading at $66,400 with Positive On-Chain Signals

The Bitcoin Taker Buy-Sell Ratio has risen above one, indicating increased buying pressure. BTC remains

Bitcoin Falls to $66,000 as New Addresses Decline

The Fed's decision to keep interest rates steady draws criticism from analysts. Bitcoin's price drops,

Bitcoin Returns to $68,000 After Key FED Meeting

Bitcoin surged to nearly $70,000 after the FED decided to keep interest rates unchanged, but

Bitcoin Rebounds to $67,000 as Inflows Continue into ETFs

Despite previous inflows worth billions, ETFs experienced net outflows on June 10. Long-term holders are

Bitcoin Holds at $69,000 Despite Record Inflows

Investments in Bitcoin reached $1.97 billion, while Ethereum saw inflows of $69 million. Short-term holders

Bitcoin Trades at $69,600 as Whales Continue to Accumulate

Bitcoin whales have amassed significant amounts of BTC in recent days. Holder profits are on


Bitcoin Falls to $70,800 as Open Interest Hits All-Time High

Bitcoin continues to trade within a narrow range, standing at $70,800, while futures open interest


Bitcoin Surges to $71,700 as Whales Ramp Up Accumulation

Whales have been steadily accumulating bitcoin, with addresses holding over 1,000 BTC now collectively owning