Christmas Cheer for Altcoins as Bitcoin Price Holds Steady

Altcoins surge in anticipation of a post-Christmas Santa Claus rally, fueled by a decline in Bitcoin price and dominance.

Christmas Cheer For Altcoins As Bitcoin Price Holds Steady_65d5cefd10537.webp


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Azcnews Bitcoin Drops To $64,000 Amid Us Stock Market Plunge

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Bitcoin Drops to $64,000 Amid U.S. Stock Market Plunge

Bitcoin has corrected back below $64,000 as the U.S. stock market experiences a sharp decline.

Azcnews Bitcoin Surpasses $66,000 For The First Time In Weeks

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Bitcoin Surpasses $66,000 for the First Time in Weeks

On July 17, Bitcoin surpassed $66,000. Recent gains have been driven by whales and institutional investors.

Azcnews Bitcoin Surpasses $65,000 Amid Strong Buying Sentiment

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Bitcoin Surpasses $65,000 Amid Strong Buying Sentiment

The net position of long-term holders has turned positive. BTC has converted its previous resistance level into support.

Cryptocurrency Community Speculates On China Lifting Bitcoin Ban

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Cryptocurrency Community Speculates on China “Lifting” Bitcoin Ban

Despite the rumors on social media about the possibility of China lifting the ban on Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency community remains skeptical about this possibility.

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Bitcoin Surges to $64,000 Alongside MicroStrategy and Coinbase Stocks

Bitcoin has risen to $64,000, its highest price in nearly two weeks, alongside strong gains in cryptocurrency-related stocks such as MicroStrategy and Coinbase.