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What is Bittensor? Information about TAO Token

Bittensor is an open-source machine learning protocol built on a recent blockchain platform that has


Tokenization: Real World Assets on the Blockchain

Tokenizing Real-World Assets (RWA) is a crucial domain where blockchain technology can play a significant


What is etherFi? An Overview of the etherFi Project

What is etherFi? etherFi is a decentralized liquid staking platform, enabling users to stake ETH


Optimism (OP) Announces Fourth Airdrop

Layer-2 Optimism (OP) has just announced its fourth airdrop, primarily targeting wallets that have previously

Worldcoin (WLD) Price Continuously Breaking ATH

The token price of Worldcoin (WLD) has continuously set all-time highs (ATH) recently, benefiting creditors

What is Pixels (PIXEL)? An NFT game on Ronin

What is Pixels (PIXEL)? What interesting features does this farming game have that attract so

Crypto Weekly (12/02 – 18/02): Bitcoin Breaks ATH Since June 2022

Let's review all the crypto movements of the week with to make sure you

Coinbase Commerce Removes Bitcoin Payments

The online payment platform Coinbase Commerce is reportedly removing Bitcoin payments, according to a statement


Guide to Participating in the BeraChain Testnet Airdrop

Berachain has launched its testnet product, allowing users to participate in the trial experience and

Ethereum Targets $3000 with Positive On-Chain Signals

Ethereum is exhibiting positive signs as it targets $3000. On-chain signals also indicate that the

Bitcoin’s Volatility Inch Closer to Stability

Bitcoin has experienced significant growth in early 2024, uplifting investor sentiment. However, the current period

Linea Deploys Alpha V2 Mainnet, Enhancing Transaction Costs

Layer-2 Linea recently announced the release of Alpha V2 update, bringing significant changes in both

Disappearance of Nearly 2,000 Starknet Airdrop Participants

Starknet requires users to demonstrate commitment to network development or regular usage within specific timeframes

Uniswap Announces Launch Time for Uniswap v4 Version

After the successful upgrades of V1, V2, and V3, the Uniswap Foundation has recently announced

TRON Announces Roadmap for Layer-2 Development on Bitcoin

TRON declares its intention to comprehensively develop the Bitcoin ecosystem by constructing a layer-2 solution

Institutional Buying Spurs Bitcoin Surge Beyond $52,000

Bitcoin has surpassed the $52,000 threshold, propelled by sustained buying pressure from institutional traders.

Ethereum Aims for $3,000 with Positive Sentiment

The surge in Ethereum's value results in a significant liquidation volume as ETH continues its

Aptos Foundation Introduces JamboPhone

In collaboration with the Web3 app Jambo, Aptos Foundation has just announced the launch of

Sustainable Growth for Bitcoin with No FOMO Signs

Bitcoin has surged to $52,000, yet signals from the derivatives market indicate that this is

Stablecoin Surge Reinforces Dollar’s DeFi Dominance

In the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), the growing significance of stablecoins denominated in United


Avalanche (AVAX) Surges as Significant Capital Flows into the Network

Avalanche experienced a substantial cash infusion, resulting in a notable surge in the AVAX price,

Bitcoin (BTC) Hits New All-Time High in Japan

Bitcoin attains a historic pinnacle in Japan, surging to an unprecedented high as the yen

Ethereum and Solana Follow Bitcoin’s Trend

While market indicators currently signal positive trends, the reasons for optimism extend beyond mere mirroring

Bitcoin Surges to $52,000 with Positive Signals

Bitcoin has experienced a remarkable 21% surge in the past week, reaching $52,000 for the


Bitcoin Aims for $50,000 as Strong Capital Inflows into ETFs

Bitcoin is on track to reach $50,000, fueled by significant capital inflows into various Bitcoin

Bitcoin to Follow Cycle Towards All-Time High (ATH)

Bitcoin has sustained an impressive upward momentum in the past few days, aiming to reach

8-Year Price Surge Signal Emerges on Bitcoin Chart

Bitcoin has displayed a rare signal on the monthly chart, a phenomenon that has occurred

Taproot Wizards Successfully Launches Its First NFT Collection

Taproot Wizards swiftly sells out its inaugural NFT collection, "Quantum Cats," with an impressive 3,000


Bitcoin Drops Below $43,000: Market Sentiment Takes a Hit

Bitcoin's value hovered just below the $43,000 threshold, while market sentiment continued to lean towards

Solana Chapter 2 Phone Receives 60,000 Pre-Orders

Solana's Chapter 2 phone is garnering widespread attention following the successful sales of its first