What is Pixels (PIXEL)? An NFT game on Ronin

What is Pixels (PIXEL)? What interesting features does this farming game have that attract so many users? Let's find out together with azc.news!

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What is Pixels?

Pixels (PIXEL) is an NFT farming game set in an open-world environment with a nostalgic pixel art style, making it easy and accessible for players of all skill levels. In this game, users are tasked with collecting resources, building, upgrading skills, forming friendships, and exploring the Pixels Universe.

Initially, Pixels was built and developed on the Polygon network. By October 2023, the project had migrated to the Ronin network. Ronin is a sidechain built by Sky Mavis, the powerhouse behind the popular game Axie Infinity.



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What is the operation of Pixel?

As this is a farming and fishing game, the main task of users is to cultivate and harvest. Players can cultivate on their own land or on other players’ land to receive yields. Of course, when cultivating on others’ land, players will have to share the harvested products with the landowners. Additionally, users may also incur fixed rental costs.

Furthermore, in the Pixels game, players will be able to collect various types of resources including land, crops, wood, water, goods, stone, electricity, and metals. These resources will be classified according to rarity from common to legendary.

In addition to farming, there are many other ways to collect resources in the game. Players can engage in various industries such as logging, beekeeping, mining, etc., to collect different types of resources.

Types of land in Pixels

In the game, there are three different types of agricultural land:

  • Free Lands: This is the most basic type of land, allowing players to participate in basic farming activities. Free Lands have fewer features and lower yields compared to other types of land.

  • Rented Lands: Rented Lands provide players with more freedom, better yields, and more space for decoration. However, players must pay rent, sacrificing a significant amount of profit.

  • Owned Lands: This type of land provides the highest space, functionality, and yield. Currently, the game only has 5,000 of these plots of land. Each plot of land has its own characteristics. Players can purchase them on OpenSea or Blur.

NFT Profile

Pixels has also integrated popular NFT Profile collections in the market, allowing users to transform their characters into well-known NFT Profile characters such as BAYC or Dapper Dinos.


After “moving homes” to the Ronin blockchain, Pixels introduced an NFT collection called “Pixels Pets”. Players can mint Pets at in-game vending machines, with NFTs being transferred to their Ronin wallet. To use a pet, users must bring the Pet eggs back to their Plot, use medicine, and hatch the pet eggs so that the pets can hatch.

VIP Mechanism


With Pixels VIP, users will receive:

  • VIP membership

  • In-game items

  • Access to special areas

  • Withdrawal of BERRY to the Ronin wallet

  • Some VIP upgrades

  • Pet Potion drops while farming

  • In-game Marketplace

To become a VIP, players use WRON (wrapped Ronin) sent to their Pixels account, then purchase VIP tickets at the VIP tent in the Terra Villa area.

What is PIXEL Token?

One of the highlights of Pixels is its unique tokenomics mechanism, with two main tokens: BERRY and PIXEL.

BERRY: In-Game Earnable Token

BERRY is an in-game earnable token, where players can earn BERRY by selling resources at the store. BERRY can be used to purchase items in the game, upgrade farms, or invest in other in-game activities.

As there is no maximum supply cap, Pixels employs several methods to control the token supply of BERRY, including:

  • Control over the rate and ability to produce resources: Pixels can adjust how players collect resources in the game. For example, making resource collection take more time or require more effort, thereby slowing down the process of earning BERRY.

  • Adjusting the price of in-game items bought and sold at stores: Pixels can change the price of items that players can buy or sell in the in-game store. If the price to buy an item is higher, players will have to spend more BERRY; if the price to sell resources is lower, they will earn less BERRY.

  • Removing or limiting in-game stores: If in-game stores are removed or limited, players will have no way to “create” more BERRY (a process called minting). This reduces the amount of new BERRY created, making them scarcer and more valuable.

PIXEL: Premium Utility Token

PIXEL is a premium in-game currency and harder to earn than the BERRY token. PIXEL can be used to purchase premium items in the game, such as land, pets, or decorative items.

Every day, the project will create 100,000 new tokens and distribute them to players actively participating. The number of PIXELs used daily by players will be sent to the treasury managed by Pixels. Pixels may burn a significant portion of the funds received each day.