Disappearance of Nearly 2,000 Starknet Airdrop Participants

Starknet requires users to demonstrate commitment to network development or regular usage within specific timeframes due to its stringent eligibility criteria. The distribution plan for 10 billion tokens among investors, developers, contributors, and end users is set to be completed by September 2022.

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A notable crypto commentator, known as Banteg on X (formerly Twitter), recently assessed the participants in the recent Ethereum layer-2 network Starknet airdrop, revealing a surprising disappearance of the majority.

Sharing the revelation with his 178,700 followers on X, Banteg disclosed that nearly 2,000 participants eligible for the highly anticipated Starknet token airdrop have either changed the names of their accounts or completely deleted them since the activity snapshot.

“Reviewed all Starknet airdropees and discovered 1854 individuals who have either altered the name or deleted their account since the activity snapshot.” He also claimed that roughly half of these accounts are occupied by squatters. “Approximately half of the names are squatted, but squatters stand no chance. I will personally ensure you steal zero coins from the real devs.” A user on X proposed using user identification numbers instead of usernames to address this issue.

Starknet’s public launch is set for February 20, creating heightened anticipation regarding eligibility for the airdrop. The criteria for participant eligibility are outlined on Starknet’s website, emphasizing the need for contributors to demonstrate commitment to network development or frequent utilization over a specified period, setting it apart from typical crypto airdrops.

Speculation arises regarding Starknet Airdrop Eligibility as it deviates from the typical pattern where a project’s hype coincides with the conclusion of its development and use-case timeframe.

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Unlike the norm, Starknet’s eligibility criteria include using the network more than five times over a period of three months or more, along with transactions totaling at least $100 before the end of 2022. These stipulations not only aim to attract user interest but also serve as a means to rigorously test the network for any potential bugs.

StarkNet Alpha, initially launched in November 2021, has seen collaboration from various teams, contributing to the expansion of its ecosystem. With 10 billion StarkNet tokens already minted, the scheduled go-live date is set for September 2022. These tokens will be distributed to a diverse group including investors, employees, community developers, contributors, end users, and consultants.


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