OKX Ventures Announces Investment in Codatta

OKX Ventures announces a major investment in Codatta, the first decentralized foundational data protocol designed for developers.

Azcnews Okx Ventures Announces Investment In Codatta

On June 12, OKX Ventures announced that it would lead an investment in Codatta, the first decentralized foundational data protocol designed for developers. Codatta aims to establish a fundamental data infrastructure rooted in scientific trust, catering to developers and protocols. The goal of Codatta is to enable Web3 users to monetize their data and contribute to public data creation without compromising privacy.

It boasts a vast network of data contributors who enhance data reliability through AI-verified proofs, cross-referencing by multiple parties, and confidence staking. Developers can create native Web3 applications powered by machine learning models in areas such as anti-crime networks, online advertising, and universal recommendation systems on DApps and credit-based lending products.


Dora, the founder of OKX Ventures, stated, “Codatta is leveraging AI to spearhead technological innovation and collaborative methods in blockchain metadata collaboration. It enhances the analysis of complex transactions, trend analysis, and DeFi project research by collecting annotated data and safeguarding chain privacy. Codatta is setting a new standard in address privacy.

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The protocol’s scalability allows the data range to continue expanding, unlocking more native Web3 applications. Since its beta launch in April, Codatta has ensured high-quality data. By 2024, Codatta had attracted millions of user-contributed address annotations, further enriching the existing 500 million annotated address dataset. We believe it has the potential to become a powerful tool for developers to find crucial data and conduct foundational research for redevelopment.”


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    Good luck project

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