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Market Dip Offers Opportunity for Investors to Buy the Dip

Despite Bitcoin falling below $65,000, some bullish speculators are still defending the market.

ETH Drops Sharply as Whales Increase Accumulation

Ethereum whales have accumulated substantial amounts of ETH over the past few days. Despite these

Bitcoin Drops to $65,000 Despite Positive Indicators

Bitcoin's price has dropped nearly 5% over the past seven days. Most metrics and market

Pepe Poised to Surge as Buy Signals Emerge

Pepe's price has started to climb following news of the potential approval of an Ethereum

Binance Lists ZKsync with ZK Token Distribution Program

Binance has announced the listing of ZKsync (ZK) with the ZK Token Distribution Program.

Bitcoin Trading at $66,400 with Positive On-Chain Signals

The Bitcoin Taker Buy-Sell Ratio has risen above one, indicating increased buying pressure. BTC remains

Long-Term Holders Purchase Significant Amounts of ETH

Long-term Ethereum holders have acquired a substantial supply of ETH, seizing the buying opportunity. The


Bitcoin Falls to $66,000 as New Addresses Decline

The Fed's decision to keep interest rates steady draws criticism from analysts. Bitcoin's price drops,

Many OKX Users Lose Funds Due to Identity Theft

The incident involving OKX users losing assets due to a two-factor authentication (2FA) security vulnerability


Curve Finance Founder Faces Over 100 Million Tokens Liquidation as CRV Plummets

The price of Curve DAO has dropped nearly 27% in the past 24 hours, jeopardizing

Bitcoin Returns to $68,000 After Key FED Meeting

Bitcoin surged to nearly $70,000 after the FED decided to keep interest rates unchanged, but

OKX Ventures Announces Investment in Codatta

OKX Ventures announces a major investment in Codatta, the first decentralized foundational data protocol designed


BNB Makes CZ the Richest Inmate in U.S. History

CZ has become the wealthiest inmate in U.S. history after BNB surged to a record

ETH Faces Strong Selling Pressure as Market Awaits ETF Decision

Potential issuers of spot ETH ETFs are awaiting feedback from the SEC. Over the past

Bitcoin Rebounds to $67,000 as Inflows Continue into ETFs

Despite previous inflows worth billions, ETFs experienced net outflows on June 10. Long-term holders are

ZKsync to Airdrop 3.6 Billion ZK Tokens Next Week

The ZKsync Association will conduct a one-time token airdrop to 695,232 eligible wallets next week.


Ethereum Investors Purchase $574 Million Worth of ETH

Investors pulled 156,733 ETH, valued at $574 million, from Coinbase, but ETH's price remains under

Bitcoin Holds at $69,000 Despite Record Inflows

Investments in Bitcoin reached $1.97 billion, while Ethereum saw inflows of $69 million. Short-term holders

Join the Challenge to Grab a Share of 200 BNB

To celebrate reaching 200 million user registrations, Binance is introducing a limited-time 200 BNB giveaway


A Great Opportunity to Receive Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT with Binance

Existing Binance users or new Holders who successfully complete and pass identity verification (“KYC”) will

A 41% Increase in XRP Will Lead to a “Legendary” Price Surge

Market analyst EGRAG believes that an upcoming 41% price upswing for XRP could pave the

Will Notcoin Challenge Its All-Time High Again?

Notcoin dropped over 7% in the past 24 hours. However, a bullish pattern has emerged


Bitcoin Trades at $69,600 as Whales Continue to Accumulate

Bitcoin whales have amassed significant amounts of BTC in recent days. Holder profits are on


Ethereum Aims for $5000 as Market Awaits ETF Approval

Ethereum's price enters an ascending channel, poised for a breakout in 4 days, while Bitcoin

Kraken Cites Ripple Case in Its Response to SEC

Kraken uses the Ripple court case outcome to bolster its defense against the SEC.

Bitcoin Falls to $70,800 as Open Interest Hits All-Time High

Bitcoin continues to trade within a narrow range, standing at $70,800, while futures open interest


Binance Announces IO.NET (IO), the 55th Project on Binance Launchpool

Binance will be the first platform to list the IO token, with trading commencing on

The Binance World Championship with 1 BNB Prize

Special Prize from Binance World Championship: Trade $100 per conversion contract, spot, and futures to


Key Considerations as AI Token Prices Skyrocket

Prices of NEAR, RNDR, and TAO have surged in the past 24 hours. However, sustaining

Bitcoin Surges to $71,700 as Whales Ramp Up Accumulation

Whales have been steadily accumulating bitcoin, with addresses holding over 1,000 BTC now collectively owning