What is Vertex Protocol? Learn about VRTX Token

In today's article, we will learn what Vertex Protocol is and all the details about the token system of VRTX coin.

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What is Vertex?

Vertex (VRTX) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that offers spot trading, derivatives and an integrated currency market in one application on Arbitrum.

Vertex is motivated by a unified central order ledger (CLOB) and integrated automated market making (AMM) system, where liquidity is enhanced as positions from the LP market follow The pair occupies the order book. Gas and MEV fees are minimized on Vertex thanks to the underlying Arbitrum L2 layer’s packaged transaction and optimistic rollup model, where Vertex smart contracts control the risk management system and products main.



Vertex products

Spot Market

A place to buy, sell and swap pairs of assets with each other. At Vertex, this DEX platform integrates both Orderbook DEX and AMM DEX mechanisms to serve traders.

Currently, the network supports two currency pairs wBTC/USDC, wETH/USDC, USDT/USDC, VRTX/USDC, ARB/USDC.


Vertex offers seamless integration across its platform, providing best-in-class support such as features like optimized cross-margin to improve the user’s capital management experience.

Perpetuals Market

The derivatives market at Vertex allows up to 10X leverage for professional traders.

An important feature of the Vertex Protocol is that perpetual futures account for approximately 90% of total trading volume.

These contracts offer up to 10x leverage, allowing users to make trades with a variety of assets, including BTC, ETH, ARB, SOL, BNB, SUI, MATIC, and many others. They are designed to serve users who want to take advantage of asset price fluctuations without worrying about expiration dates.

Liquidity pools