What Is Treasure DAO (MAGIC)?

Treasure DAO is the largest decentralized NFT ecosystem on Arbitrum with the goal of connecting projects in the NFT Metaverse, DeFi, Gaming

What Is Treasure Dao (magic)

What is Treasure DAO?

Treasure DAO is the largest decentralized NFT ecosystem on Arbitrum with the goal of connecting projects in the NFT Metaverse, DeFi, Gaming fields into a comprehensive ecosystem. All projects built on Treasure DAO use $MAGIC to integrate their functionalities.


Homepage of the Treasure DAO project.

Treasure DAO members are authorized to vote on many important issues, including deciding which projects to launch, $MAGIC distribution, and Treasure revenue sharing agreements. This plays an important role in providing funding and supporting the comprehensive development of the entire Treasure ecosystem.

Products of Treasure DAO

The project ecosystem consists of 3 main parts including Games & Metaverse, TreasureDAO community and Infrastructure. All are developed in parallel with each other, and are all main products in the platform.


Infrastructure is a collection of tools for building games and other resources within the platform. Some key products include Marketplace, Magicswap, DAO (Treasure Governance), TreasureTags and Treasure Create. In there:

  • Marketplace is the first marketplace on Arbitrum, compatible with all token standards, helping users trade NFTs and update information about events of game projects in the ecosystem. TreasureDAO. Trove includes two categories: Leaderboard and Activity – used to rate participants’ activities and NFTs. MAGIC and ETH tokens will be used as fees here.

  • Magicswap is a feature that helps users convert (swap) tokens on supported chains. To participate in Treasure’s gaming space, users need tokens for fees, as well as converting rewards for profit. Those who are interested in this feature can learn more here.

  • Treasure Governance is used to discuss, propose methods or propose related issues in the ecosystem, you can see more here.

  • TreasureTags are free name tags in the player’s profile. These tags allow players to verify and identify themselves, as well as request participation in upcoming game releases.

TreasureTag interface in the system. Photo: TreasureDAO

  • Treasure Create is new content in the project’s development roadmap. This is a platform that helps creators exploit profits by creating content (content, images, videos…) and posting them into the ecosystem Treasure.

Create feature in Treasure. Photo: TreasureDAO

Treasure Dao Community

Treasure Community consists of many small communities of gaming projects in the ecosystem. The community group will be the intermediary connecting many different parties, MAGIC is the main means for parties to exchange and buy NFTs and in-game resources.


Trove interface (Treasure Marketplace). Photo: TreasureDAO

Games & Metaverse

Game & Metaverse built by Treasure DAO, developed and operated by the entire system, MAGIC is the main token used in this space.