What is QNA Token? QnA3 Integrated AI Technology DApp

What is QNA Token? QnA3 stands as a Web3-driven knowledge-sharing platform with AI support, endorsed by Binance, and with a confirmed airdrop for the community.

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What is QNA Token?

What is QNA Token?
What is QNA Token?

QnA3 (QNA token) is a project that seamlessly integrates AI technology, ensuring a smooth and accurate knowledge-sharing experience for users. Questions posed by users prompt AI-curated answers from an optimized dataset, guaranteeing efficient and precise information retrieval.

The project’s overarching vision centers on integrating AI into the cryptocurrency domain, aiming to revolutionize the management, trading, and security of digital assets. AI’s deep analytical capabilities are harnessed to enhance market prediction accuracy, automate trading strategies, and provide profound insights into the dynamic crypto market.

Through the application of machine learning algorithms, AI actively identifies and mitigates security threats, safeguarding the integrity and resilience of blockchain networks.

The convergence of Web3’s decentralized nature with the evolving AI capabilities developed by QnA3 holds the promise of ushering in a future characterized by democracy, transparency, and comprehensive digital technology. This ensures that the benefits of AI are accessible to all, aligning with democratic values and empowering the community.

QnA3.AI Token
QnA3.AI Token

QnA3 serves as an extensive Web3 information and knowledge gateway, accessible with a single click, utilizing advanced logical analysis capabilities. This not only enables users to gather data but also facilitates effective understanding and interpretation.

Capitalizing on the progress in Large Language Models (LLM), QnA3 seamlessly integrates sophisticated data techniques with the logical analysis skills of these models. This integration allows for the filtering, compilation, and restructuring of extensive open data, ensuring the delivery of accurate information and in-depth analyses. This plays a pivotal role in aiding users in eliminating noise and acquiring valuable data.

Moreover, to understand what is QNA Token, it is necessary to understand QnA3 is in the process of building a comprehensive product system, incorporating features for real-time transactions directly on the platform. Users can seamlessly transition from learning and analysis to executing real-time trading actions, applying newly acquired knowledge to specific situations.

The QnA3 team introduces the industry’s smartest AI Q&A bots, highly professional technical analysis bots, and a comprehensive asset trading capability tailored for the Web3 world. QnA3 bots support users in actualizing their intentions through functions like “answer questions,” “technical analysis,” and “real-time trading.”

QnA3 Products

AI Agent

QnA3 provides specialized “AI Q&A” services equipped with the ability to comprehend users’ questions and an exclusive web3 knowledge graph from the SOTA model. This product assists users in structuring and navigating information through market hotspots, eliminating information asymmetry, and constructing investment logic.

Technical Analysis:

QnA3 furnishes real-time technical indicators for cryptocurrencies and maintains an extensive market news database. The product goes a step further by providing users with detailed technical analysis, aiding in a comprehensive understanding of market trends.

Trading System:

QnA3 establishes straightforward and efficient trading functions, empowering users to execute buying and selling activities post-token analysis on the platform. The platform seamlessly integrates trading channels with minimal slippage and transaction fees, optimizing investment costs.

Platform Point System:

In a bid to promote active participation and foster community engagement, QnA3 is in the process of developing an interactive system. Operational rules encompass a variety of interactions, each featuring unique reward structures to enrich users’ experiences and contributions.

Question and Answer (Q&A):

Pose Questions: Engage with the community by posing insightful questions, with each question incurring a cost of 1 credit from the monitoring wallet.

Vote on Answers: Express agreement or disagreement with answers, earning users 1 credit.


Users are encouraged to vote on questions
Users are encouraged to vote on questions

Cast Votes: Users are encouraged to vote on questions, with each vote costing 1 credit.

Weekly Voting Rewards: The culmination of the weekly voting cycle brings rewards for the top three questions, with prize limits set at 20,000, 10,000, and 2,000 credits, respectively.


Daily check-in
Daily check-in

Daily Check-In: Commencing with 10 credits on the first day, the reward increases by 2 credits each day, reaching a peak of 72 credits on the seventh day.

Ambassador Program:

  • Introductions: The project offers a reward of 20 credits for each user who joins through your referral, aiming to incentivize community expansion.
  • Ambassador Rewards: Users who become ambassadors enjoy additional privileges, including a percentage of credits accumulated from the activities of those they’ve invited. The original account also receives additional credits when ambassadors check-in and introduce more users. This system acknowledges and rewards users for actively developing and nurturing the community network.

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QnA3 Token Information:

Built on the principles of democratizing AI and reshaping the cryptocurrency landscape, QnA3 strives to make advanced technologies globally accessible, not confined to a select few. The token system is meticulously designed for fair distribution, with a significant portion allocated to the community, encompassing users, developers, and partners, fostering a shared sense of ownership and collaboration.

  • Token Name: QnA3
  • Symbol: QNA
  • Detailed allocation information will be announced in the future.

Investors and Partners:

QnA3 has secured investment from Binance and collaborates with technology and AI advisors from prominent entities like OpenAI, DeepMind, Amazon, Apple, Meta, NVIDIA, Scal.ai, Luma.ai, and reputable academic institutions such as Stanford, Berkeley, and Northwestern. This ensures leadership in AI development while adhering to the highest standards of innovation and ethics.

Project Links:


QnA3 seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence into the development of the Web3 ecosystem, balancing technological advancements with ethical responsibility. The project’s mission is to provide easy access to the vast Web3 world with just a click, bridging the gap between knowledge and practical application in investment transactions. QnA3 prioritizes community participation in building a reliable and progressive force.


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