What is Ordiswap? Learn about ORDS Tokens

In today's article, azc.news will introduce to everyone the Ordiswap (ORDS) project and find out what is special about the ORDS token.

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What is Ordiswap?

Ordiswap is a groundbreaking protocol set to redefine the liquidity dynamics on Bitcoin’s base layer through an innovative combination of the BRC-20 and Ordinals standards. Created by a seasoned development team with a commitment to technical excellence. Ordiswap marks a significant step forward in decentralized finance (DeFi) for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

At its core, Ordiswap seamlessly integrates off-chain server management with the unique tokenization capabilities of the BRC-20 standard. It ushers in a new era of direct transactions on Bitcoin’s base layer.



This technical excellence, inspired by the principles that drive Ethereum’s success. Ordiswap navigates the complexity of decentralized trading without relying on on-chain smart contracts, ensuring security and efficiency.

Ordiswap features

Swap BRC-20 tokens

Ordiswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on layer 1 of Bitcoin using the BRC-20 standard and ordering. The platform offers users a seamless experience when swapping tokens.

Ordiswap uses Uniswap v2’s constant product formula, ensuring fairness and efficiency in token transactions with minimized slippage, enhancing the overall trading experience.

Provide liquidity

Unisat Wallet securely manages private keys and communicates with Ordiswap’s smart contract through Bitcoin nodes.

Ordiswap’s off-chain servers ensure equilibrium, allowing for efficient AMM functionality to provide liquidity.

Unisat Wallet facilitates transaction data being securely sent to Ordiswap. Then start providing liquidity through regulations and BRC-20 standards.

Ordiswap leverages Uniswap v2’s constant product formula, ensuring efficient pool management and a reasonable fee structure.

Fee structure

Ordiswap leverages Bitcoin’s native layer-1 for fee-based transactions, ensuring direct and secure transfer of fees to the pool creator’s Unisat Wallet.

Mirroring the fee structure of Uniswap v2 ensures user familiarity while introducing Bitcoin-specific advantages.

Bitcoin’s network architecture contributes to fee stability, avoiding congestion-related issues that occur on other blockchain networks.

Flexible fees enhance competitiveness, encourage more liquidity providers to participate, and improve the overall depth of the pool.

Asset custody

The fundamental importance of asset custody, emphasizing the unprecedented security and decentralization of the Bitcoin network. Ordiswap integrates these principles into every aspect of its decentralized exchange (DEX). Ensure that users’ assets remain under their control and protected.

Highlights of Ordiswap


Ordiswap excels at transaction execution and liquidity facilitation, maintaining the core principles of the Bitcoin network.

Ordiswap also ensures that transactions conform to the inherent security and certainty of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Ordiswap’s synthetic oracle revolutionizes pricing pools by uniquely integrating them as oracles within the ecosystem. Each group serves as a dynamic source of historical price and liquidity data. It opens the door to diverse on-chain applications.

Information about ORDS tokens

Basic information

  • Token Name: Ordiswap Token

  • Token Ticker: ORDS

  • Total Supply : 1,000,000

  • BRC-20 Address : TBA

  • Ethereum Address : TBA

Token Use Case

ORDS is an interoperable utility token meticulously crafted to operate seamlessly on the Bitcoin base layer and the Ethereum network.

ORDS participates in voting and governance

ORDS is used as a fee and provides liquidity on Ordiswap

Token Allocation


Initial Liquidity Pool (ILP):

  • Released at TGE: 200,000 ORDS

Team & Advisors:

  • Released at TGE: 10,000 ORDS

  • followed by a 3-month cliff with daily linear vesting afterwards

Community and Ecosystem:

  • Released at TGE: 15,000 ORDS

  • 1-month cliff with daily linear vesting afterwards

Staking Rewards:

  • Released at TGE: 15,000 ORDS

  • 1-month cliff with daily linear vesting afterwards


  • Released at TGE: 10,000 ORDS

  • followed by a 3-month cliff with daily linear vesting afterwards

Public Sale:

  • Released at TGE: 150,000 ORDS

Private Sale:

  • released at TGE: 25,000 ORDS

  • 75% vested over remaining 6 months, with 12.5% monthly.

Seed Round:

  • released at TGE: 12,500 ORDS

  • 75% vested over remaining 12 months, with 6.25% monthly.

Token Emission Schedule