What is Fusionist (ACE)? Learn About Binance 40th Launchpool Project

Recently on December 11, 2023, Binance just announced its 40th launchpool project. The project is called Fusionist and the token is (ACE).

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What is Fusionist?

Fusionist is a leading AAA Web3 title aimed at expanding players worldwide. This project is a combination of a blockchain game (Fusionist) and a gaming/social infrastructure (Endurance).

Fusionist is a top Web3 game built by a team of highly experienced game experts. Fusionist uses Unity and HDRP technology. These two technologies deliver a high-quality product and engaging gaming experience.

Endurance is a decentralized social/gaming blockchain, available on mainnet since January 2023. This infrastructure provides various gaming and social options (Expedition, Auction House, ACEdomain, Beta testing , etc) for users. All members can easily find a way to play, communicate and profit comfortably.


Currently Funist is providing 3 high quality NFT games including: Colonize, Conquer and Unite.

Technical Infrastructure

Endurance Blockchain brings a multi-layer architecture to provide scalability and convenience for reusing existing modules. This architecture includes the infrastructure, front-end implementation engines, network protocols, and storage.

The Endurance Chain includes many stages:

  • APIs and Tools: Endurance provides a full suite of APIs and tools to enrich the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Explorer: Endurance’s browser enables real-time analysis of blocks, transactions, contracts, and accounts on the blockchain.

  • Admin/Staking Application: Allows validators to easily propose, vote, and delegate through a user-friendly interface.

  • API: Provides valuable information about NFTs and DeFi via RPC and Websocket.

  • User Interface: Provides Web3 JSON-RPC with 100% compatibility with Ethereum network.

  • Governance Modules: Enables chain governance, including staking and sanctions.

  • Runtime Implementation: 100% compatible with EVM and smooth migration of existing Smart Contracts.

  • Consensus: Endurance applies a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm that combines a hybrid mechanism between Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Proof-of-Authority (PoA).

  • Network Protocol: Implements a P2P communication protocol between validators and nodes.

  • Storage & State: Provides key-value storage and Merkle Tree State, Tx & Block optimized for high-capacity processing.

Fusionist products



Colonize is the first chapter of Fusionist. Taking players into a sci-fi world where they are tasked with exploring and building communities on new planets. The gameplay mainly revolves around simulating the construction process of diverse buildings and material production. In this game, players can participate in exploiting mineral resources, building industrial parks, researching and applying new technology. As well as carrying out commercial activities.

Their goal is to build and expand their territory. At the same time, strategize resource allocation and technology upgrades. All of these efforts aim to help the player’s civilization grow and prosper in this sci-fi world.


Conquer is a game that allows players to control robots and fight with teammates to defeat opponents. The game offers 2 modes for players to choose from. These are fighting against the machine (PvE) and fighting against other players (PvP).