What is Crypto Zoo? How to Make Money with Crypto Zoo

Crypto Zoo is an autonomous ecosystem where users can collect, breed, and trade exotic animal hybrids on the blockchain.

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What is Crypto Zoo?

CryptoZoo is an autonomous ecosystem where users can collect, breed, and trade exotic animal hybrids on the blockchain. Each animal is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Like all NFTs, these digital assets are indivisible, and are defined by their immutable scarcity.

CryptoZoo was developed as a way to introduce blockchain technology, specifically NFTs, to new market participants by combining the proven success of gamified animal ownership with the anticipatory optimism of collecting trading cards. We wanted to create a seamless platform for users to enter a double sided world of crypto, bridging both tokens and NFTs.

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How to Make Money with Crypto Zoo

With Crypto Zoo, you can buy eggs, buy your favorite animals to make money. Additionally, you can also buy Zoo tokens and earn money if it increases in price in the future.

cryptozoo eggs marketplace

Step by step guides to help you get started and play on CryptoZoo here


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