What is AZC Swap?

AZC Swap is a new product launched in the AZCoiner ecosystem to compete with Uniswap and Pancake Swap. Let's learn about it with AZC News

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What is the AZC Swap?

The AZC Swap provides users with a user-friendly interface to exchange tokens across various blockchains through the AZCoiner Web3 Wallet interface. AZC Swap is predicted to be a product that is highly competitive with other products on the market by taking advantage of the huge user base of the AZCoiner ecosystem.

How does AZC Swap work?

  • Log in to your AZCoiner app and access [Web3].

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  • Here, enter your web3 wallet address and tap on the icon on your right.

  • Choose [AZCoiner Swap].

  • Connect your wallet, select the token and network you want to exchange and receive.

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  • You will see the swap rate and a recommended provider offering a better price among the supported liquidity providers.

  • Review the rate, the amount of received token, and the network fee. Tap [Confirm] to confirm the swap.

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What is slippage and how to adjust the slippage tolerance?

Slippage is the difference between the expected or requested price of a trade and the actual price at which the trade is executed. Typically, it occurs in markets experiencing high volatility or low liquidity.

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In a swap, a higher slippage tolerance increases the likelihood of a successful trade, but it may reduce the minimum amount you can receive. You can adjust the slippage tolerance of a swap by tapping the edit icon below the swap section. Enter the slippage tolerance value and tap [OK].

Why do I need to approve permission before a swap?

Before swapping a token, you will be required to grant permission to the third-party app or smart contract to access your funds in the Web3 Wallet. To approve permission, tap confirm after entering the swap details.

Why should I choose AZC Swap?

  • Integration with AZCoiner Bridge: Web3 Wallet utilizes AZCoiner Bridge, a blockchain interoperability solution, for seamless token swaps across multiple blockchains, ensuring secure and smooth transactions.

  • Support for various bridge service providers: In addition to AZCoiner Bridge, Web3 Wallet integrates with various bridge service providers, expanding its capabilities and options for users.

  • Multi-chain support: Easily swap tokens across various networks within the Web3 Wallet.

  • Intuitive interface: User-friendly interface for both beginners and experienced users to conduct token swaps.

  • Competitive pricing: Web3 Wallet finds the most competitive prices from numerous options on CeFi and DeFi exchanges, allowing users to enjoy favorable rates during token swaps.

  • Wide range of tokens: Users can swap a variety of tokens, from popular to niche, providing the freedom to diversify portfolios as desired.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the final swap price?

  • The displayed conversion rate is an estimate of the price at the time of the actual swap. The final conversion rate might differ; please refer to the swap history for more details.

Can I cancel a swap after confirmation?

  • All swap transactions are final once confirmed.

Why did a swap fail?

  • A swap can fail if there’s an error with the conversion mechanism or insufficient liquidity.

What happens if the swap fails?

  • Funds sent from your Web3 Wallet will remain in your Web3 Wallet account. You can withdraw the funds as usual.

Who pays for the deposit/withdrawal gas fees?

  • You are responsible for the deposit and withdrawal gas fees when transferring funds between your Web3 Wallet and AZCoiner. You’ll see the withdrawal fee before confirming a swap.

Who provides liquidity for the swap?

  • Third-party dApps provide liquidity for swaps. AZCoiner selects the best option from different providers to offer services to users. However, please note that AZCoiner does not hold responsibility for any risks or potential losses incurred from the use of third-party dApps associated with the AZCoiner Web3 Wallet. Always conduct proper research and exercise caution when interacting with dApps and related services.

Can I use the swap without an AZCoiner account?

  • You must have an AZCoiner account to use the swap.

Can I use the swap to buy crypto using fiat currency?

  • No, this function is currently not supported.

How long does the swap take?

  • The duration depends on the deposit and withdrawal network you choose. You’ll see the estimated duration before confirming the swap.


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