What Are NFT Games? Top 5 NFT Games for Earning

What are NFT Games? When playing an NFT Game, you not only get to play the game but also use it to earn money. Let's explore NFT Games together with AZC.News

What Are Nft Games

What are NFT Games?

NFT or “Non-Fungible Token,” which is a type of digital asset that represents ownership and authenticity on a blockchain platform.

So, what are NFT Games? NFT Gaming refers to electronic games that are developed and integrated with blockchain technology and encrypted in the form of NFTs.

what are NFT Games
What are NFT Games?

When participating in NFT Gaming, players not only engage in typical gameplay but also have the opportunity to receive valuable rewards in the form of NFTs. These rewards can be traded for real money through NFT exchanges at high values or exchanged, gifted, or sold to anyone.

The History of NFT Games

In 2017, the first NFT game on the market was CryptoKitties (also known as the Virtual Cat Breeding Game), which caused a frenzy in the market. With this game, players could breed various types of cats, with the more beautifully designed ones commanding higher values. The most famous was a cat named Dragan, which was sold for nearly $2 million. With its innovative gameplay of earning money, this game attracted a large user base, causing the Ethereum network to be congested due to the high number of transactions.

What is NFT Gaming/ Axie

However, after a while, CryptoKitties began to fade and was replaced by more attractive games that could potentially help players earn more money. In 2020, a game called Axie Infinity emerged, creating a new craze and attracting the attention of both gamers and investors back to the NFT Gaming market.

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Why NFT Games are the Future of Gaming

  • The demand for gaming is a top entertainment need for many users today. Therefore, the combination of gaming and earning money increases its appeal.
  • Many players have earned significant amounts of money in the market through NFT games, leading to a growing demand to participate in NFT Gaming.
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has led millions of people to unemployment, prompting them to explore online income opportunities, including playing NFT games.
  • The cryptocurrency market is booming, and the demand for investment knowledge is increasing. Therefore, NFT Gaming also benefits from the overall market development.

Có 3 lý do chính khiến GAME NFT trở nên hot

4 reasons why NFT Games are becoming popular

Play to Earn with NFT Gaming

Unlike traditional games, each NFT Game has its own NFT-coded in-game items or assets. Consequently, players can trade these items with others or list them on exchanges to convert them into real money. The profits from NFT items can be quite high, reaching millions of dollars.

However, to participate in NFT Gaming and earn money, players need to invest some money to purchase initial characters or items. The gameplay process is also an investment, as players complete tasks, exchange items, collect rare items to earn Tokens or NFTs used in the game. Then, players can convert these Tokens or NFTs into real money based on market prices. The longer you play, the more money you can earn.

Risks When Playing NFT Games

When the game stops releasing

Currently, the NFT Gaming field is relatively new and still in the process of development. Both developers and players may face common mistakes, so it is not surprising that a large number of NFT games fail before they are launched.

Game ngừng phát hành

A bigger risk is when a game ceases operations, NFT assets still exist on the Blockchain, but they will lose value. If there is no one maintaining or participating in transactions on the market, these assets will become worthless.

Too many players with the purpose of making money

With the increasingly strong development of the NFT Gaming market, a large number of players are attracted by the ability to earn money. However, with this mindset, focusing on profit-making may reduce the demand for entertainment experiences, leading to an imbalance between supply and demand. This poses a significant challenge for making money through NFT gaming.

Quá nhiều người chơi với mục đích kiếm tiền

Not only newcomers, but even developers may also be drawn to the quick money-making potential of NFT games, leading to the emergence of games that fail to meet players’ expectations.

Factors Affecting Cash Flow

Determining the value of an NFT asset is not a simple task, often depending on many factors such as the rarity of the asset, the popularity of the game, community interest, and even information related to characters in the game.

Additionally, the value of an NFT asset can also be influenced by the volatility of the currency market and players’ investment psychology. These factors all have a strong impact on the cash flow in the NFT gaming sector, making investment difficult and increasing risks.

Top 5 NFT Games for Earning

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity, a famous play-to-earn game launched in 2021, remains a landmark in the NFT gaming industry. To achieve this success, the development team has continuously updated and improved the game, expanding their ecosystem.

Axie Infinity is a monster-battling game inspired by the Pokemon series, developed by a group of Vietnamese. It is where players collect cute creatures called Axies to battle each other in battles. Players can start playing for free or invest a small amount to buy Axies.

Currently, Axie Infinity can be played on mobile phones on both Android and iOS operating systems.


Pixels - Game NFT

Pixels is an NFT farming game with pixel art style, developed on the Ronin blockchain with over 900,000 players. When joining the game, you will perform activities such as farming, missions, processing raw materials,… in the vast world of Pixels.

In the game, you will earn money through 2 main forms:

Sharecroppers: rent your NFTs to other players to play, you will earn passive income based on the productivity of other players, plus fixed rental fees. Play games, sell raw materials and complete tasks to exchange for $BERRY and $PIXEL tokens.

Pixels game uses a dual-token economic model, but unlike other games, both tokens have unlimited supply.

This NFT game has been developed for over 2 years and has moved to the Ronin network in 2023. With its unique pixel art style, Pixels now has over 900,000 players. The ability to develop communities and empower players through NFTs has made Pixels a notable Web3 gaming project.


shrapnel 19nie

Shrapnel is a sci-fi extraction shooter game that allows players to truly own their in-game assets. It is a free-to-play multiplayer game suitable for both solo and team play.

Shrapnel is a 3D AAA first-person shooter (FPS) game inspired by Roblox. The game provides players with a player-centered building environment, where they can create their own maps, game modes, and custom items.

Shrapnel is designed to provide an engaging and immersive gaming experience, with beautiful graphics, fast-paced action gameplay, and deep customization mechanics. The game will be released for free on the Epic Games Store, and players will be able to earn NFTs and token rewards by completing missions.

Big Time

BigTime Game

Big Time is a free-to-play multiplayer action RPG developed by Big Time Studios and previously raised $21 million in funding. To start playing, you can choose 1 of 6 character classes:

Time Warrior: Close combat with high damage. Chronomancer: Long-range attacks, using magic. Shadowblade: Close combat, stealth, and speed. Quantum Fixer: Healing and support. Battlemancer: close combat damage, using elements to defeat enemies TechBlade: This class has the ability to deal long and short-range damage while healing allies when needed, (a combination of the Shadowblade and Quantum Fixer classes).

In the game, you can earn money through crafting, buying, selling, and trading NFTs with other players, and earning $BIGTIME tokens through combat missions.


illuvium 42438

Illuvium, developed since 2020, is an open-world adventure RPG combined with auto battler mechanics commonly seen in popular Auto Battler games.

Illuvium is an adventure action RPG game built on the blockchain, considered the world’s first IBG (Interoperable Blockchain Game). The game has beautiful graphics, unique gameplay, and many exciting features.

The vast and mysterious world of Illuvium is where players will explore and capture creatures similar to Pokemon, called Illuvials. Illuvials come in various types, with unique skills and attributes. Players can use Illuvials to battle each other or to explore the world of Illuvium.

The main token in the Illuvium game is $ILV. Players can earn $ILV through battles, in-game activities, or buy $ILV from exchanges. $ILV can be used to purchase in-game items, trade on the market, and participate in governance activities.

Illuvium is still in development, and the game’s publisher is trying to protect the secrets of the Illuvium world. Players will have to discover these mysteries on their own in the future.


This article has helped readers define what are NFT Games, why it attracts players so much, and proposes the top 5 hottest money-making NFT GAMES in 2024. In general, when playing NFT Gaming, you not only get to play games but also use them to earn money. Therefore, you can research and choose the right NFT Game for the game genre you want to play to create additional income.


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