Vitalik Proposes Open-Source Fix for Elon Musk’s Dilemma

Some users on X praised Buterin for championing open-source software, while others highlighted certain issues associated with Linux.

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Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, has proposed an alternative solution to Elon Musk’s Windows OS predicament by suggesting the utilization of the open-source operating system Linux. This recommendation comes on the heels of Musk expressing frustration about the inability to install Microsoft’s Windows OS on his recently purchased computer without creating a Microsoft account.

Linux, in contrast to Windows, iOS, and macOS, stands out as an open-source operating system with its source code accessible for viewing, modification, and enhancement by users. Originating in September 1991, Linux has garnered a dedicated user base over the years, playing a pivotal role in powering the Android mobile operating system.

Being a staunch advocate for open-source software, Buterin’s endorsement of Linux aligns with his beliefs. While many users on platform X praised Buterin for championing open-source ideals, some cautioned that Linux might not be the most suitable choice for Musk, especially considering his primary use of the PC for gaming.

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On February 26, Musk vented his frustration on platform X, stating that he couldn’t use his laptop with Windows OS without a Microsoft account. He highlighted that there used to be an “option to skip signing in to or creating a Microsoft account.” Despite community responses noting that it was still possible to use Windows OS without an account, Musk insisted that the option was no longer available. A community note clarified that the option still exists but is more intricate than in Windows 10, requiring some nuanced “workarounds that the average user might not be aware of.”

In response, users on platform X provided detailed instructions for Musk to navigate through the complex workaround process. However, Musk maintained that the process shouldn’t be overly complicated. This exchange underscores the ongoing debate around the accessibility and user-friendliness of operating systems, with Buterin’s Linux suggestion offering an alternative perspective.


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