Useful Platforms for Airdrop Hunting Support

Platforms that support airdrop hunting like galxe, zealy, .... will let you know which projects are about to be airdropped and how to do it.

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As many of you are aware, both MAV and SpaceID previously distributed substantial airdrops to users. Did you miss out on participating? Wondering how to stay informed about upcoming airdrop opportunities? Below is a list of extremely valuable airdrop hunting platforms that you should not miss.

Popular Airdrop Hunting Support Platforms

Galxe – A Well-Known NFT Airdrop Hunting Platform

Airdrop Hunting

Galxe is a top choice for hunting free NFTs. Galxe often creates tasks from projects running on their platform, and if you complete these tasks, you can receive free NFTs. The NFTs you receive can be used like roles on Discord or as tickets to participate in certain project events.

It’s important to note that minting NFTs won’t bring in high profits as it’s quite straightforward. However, if you’re fortunate, you might receive relatively valuable rewards based on the NFTs you hold. For example, back in March 2023, the SpaceID project airdropped tokens to those who owned NFTs from the Galxe platform.

In addition to receiving NFTs, participants can also receive rewards in USDT or USDC when they complete tasks on this platform.


Airdrop Hunting Layer3 is another popular airdrop hunting and whitelist support platform that helps users earn rewards and gain airdrop hunting experience. Users can earn NFTs, and sometimes even stablecoins, by completing specific tasks provided by the platform. The tasks on this platform have limitations regarding the number of participants and specific timeframes, so it’s essential to stay updated to know about new tasks and act quickly to avoid missing out.

Moreover, Layer3 offers tasks categorized by levels, and as you reach higher levels, you can participate in tasks with higher rewards. This helps Layer3 filter out cheaters and ensures that only dedicated individuals receive rewards.


QuestN is a leading web3 tool for airdrop and whitelist hunting that allows you to connect Web2 users with Web3. This helps new blockchain projects reach a larger audience. The rewards for completing tasks may vary, and those who complete tasks quickly have a better chance of receiving better rewards.

Currently, QuestN is chosen by new blockchain projects to organize small events, short-term events, or whitelists for new NFT projects.

Zealy Formerly known as Crew3

Zealy is an airdrop hunting support platform with a user-friendly interface that was previously used during the Aptos testnet phase. Zealy helps projects accelerate their development and provides easier access to the community.

The rewards for completing tasks on Zealy are diverse, and many tasks are related to Discord. Zealy has been used by famous blockchain games, metaverses, digital asset markets, and DeFi protocols such as zkSync, ImmutableX, dYdX, and web2 companies like Renault, PMU, and LVMH.


Airdrop Hunting snapshot

Snapshot is a decentralized governance platform that allows users to vote for project proposals for free. Snapshot uses a voting system based on the number of required delegates, meaning a proposal needs a certain number of votes to pass. Votes are cast off-chain but verified on-chain. Snapshot supports various voting mechanisms, including second-layer voting and approval.

Your task is to vote for project features that need to be surveyed. When the project is preparing for an airdrop, user contribution profiles can be used to determine who is eligible to receive the airdrop.

Gitcoin – platform that supports Airdrop hunting on Ethereum

Gitcoin is a unique incentive platform built on Ethereum. New blockchain projects submit their ideas to the platform to receive contributions from the community to help develop the web3 ecosystem. Some projects airdrop tokens to users who contributed to previous projects on Gitcoin. To receive the airdrop, some projects may require users to contribute a minimum amount.

guild is an infrastructure that allows projects to manage their members more efficiently and create and manage tasks for participants. When users complete the tasks, they receive corresponding roles as proof of their interaction with the project.

Over time, has integrated with various platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Google Workspace, GitHub, and 17 blockchains, as well as web3 protocols like POAP, Mirror, Lens, and Snapshot, supporting diverse community groups like Arbitrum, Zerion, and Lil Nouns.

This is an excellent place to look for potential airdrop projects in the future. However, Guild sometimes experiences issues where it doesn’t update your roles. In such cases, you need to disconnect your account from and reconnect it.

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Important Notes to Know When Hunting for Crypto Airdrops.

When hunting for airdrops, it’s essential to carefully select and engage in projects that align with your available resources and capabilities. Avoid starting a task and then abandoning it halfway, as this can result in wasted time and expenses. Focus on projects with high potential that show no signs of being fraudulent to ensure you receive rewards that match your efforts. Here are some criteria to consider when choosing a project before participating in an airdrop:

Fundraising Information: Evaluate a project based on whether it has received significant investments. This demonstrates the project’s long-term development potential and its reliability within the community. A project that has attracted substantial funding is likely to offer higher airdrop rewards.

Community Support: Assess whether the project enjoys strong community support, as the purpose of an airdrop is to attract marketing from the community. High levels of interest from the community indicate a project highly regarded by many, although this isn’t always the case. Some projects with less hype can unexpectedly offer substantial airdrops.

Platform and Ecosystem: Evaluate the project’s value and strength based on its principles and infrastructure. A project with the ability to innovate and address hidden issues has a higher likelihood of long-term development, making it more attractive for airdrop distribution.

Compelling Narrative: Observe whether the project has an engaging and user-attractive theme. Effective attention and marketing indicate the project’s ability to attract new and high-quality users.

Tokenomics: Assess the project’s tokenomics system, which includes how tokens are designed and distributed. Generally, airdrop projects have allocations for the community or direct airdrops to users. However, it’s rare for tokenomics to be disclosed in advance.


Today, airdrop hunting in the cryptocurrency space is more competitive than ever. If you don’t equip yourself with advantages over others, you’re at risk of losing in the cryptocurrency airdrop race. Proficiency in using airdrop hunting platforms is an essential skill, as it allows you to stay updated on tasks and gain a comprehensive view of cryptocurrency projects with airdrops.

Our article has compiled the most popular and useful airdrop hunting support platforms available today. We hope this information will be valuable to you in your airdrop hunting journey. Don’t forget to regularly follow AZC News articles to stay updated on useful information about airdrop events.


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