Tuna Chain Facilitates Native Yield for Bitcoin

Tuna Chain is a Layer 2 solution built on the Bitcoin platform, aiming to maximize the potential of Bitcoin.

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Bitcoin, as the cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization and the symbol of digital currency, is often seen as a store of value. However, the reality is that this type of asset has the potential to expand into many other areas. Tuna Chain has been developed to maximize the potential of Bitcoin.

Speed, cost efficiency, privacy, and native BTC yield

Tuna Chain is not only compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) but also a modular execution layer, providing a unique combination of established technologies to redefine the DeFi landscape on Bitcoin:

  • Toro Stablecoin: At the core of Tuna Chain is Toro, a stablecoin that users can obtain by increasing the value of their BTC assets. This system allows BTC holders to earn profits in Toro without selling their BTC assets.
  • Module via Celestia: Celestia is a modular blockchain platform designed to separate data availability from transaction execution. Using Celestia as a data availability layer significantly reduces transaction costs while enhancing processing power.
  • Hybrid ZK-OP Layer: Combining the advantages of Zero-Knowledge (ZK) proofs and Optimistic Rollups (OP), Tuna Chain introduces a two-tier execution layer. This hybrid layer ensures fast, secure, and private transactions. These advancements have the potential to create opportunities for earning profits with BTC assets, ensuring extremely low gas fees, and creating a unique environment for executing DApps on Bitcoin Layer 2.
  • Connecting Bitcoin and EVM Chains: A Smooth DeFi Leap Forward Tuna Chain allows for the execution of Ethereum-style smart contracts on the Bitcoin network, significantly expanding the utility and applications of Bitcoin, bridging the gap between Bitcoin and EVM-based chains.

Additionally, Tuna Chain also provides profit-making opportunities for users through staking their Bitcoin assets.

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Tuna Chain’s LBP on Fjord Foundry

LBP represents an innovative and fair method for project fundraising, ensuring fair token distribution.

The upcoming LBP for Tuna Chain on Fjord Foundry will start at 1:00 PM (UTC) on Tuesday, March 12th.

Introduction to Tuna Chain

Interface Tuna Chain

Tuna Chain is a Layer 2 solution built on the Bitcoin platform, combining Bitcoin’s security with the flexible functionality of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Tuna Chain aims to unlock Bitcoin’s potential for complex smart contracts and widespread DeFi applications, something Bitcoin has struggled with due to its initial design limitations.

With advanced technology, including a native stablecoin, flexible data availability modules via Celestia, and Hybrid ZK-OP technology, Tuna Chain is setting new standards for performance, scalability, and user experience in Bitcoin’s DeFi.

Supported by industry giants like ByBit, ArkStream, Cogitent, Digi Strats, MH Ventures, and Serafund, and partnering with strategic partners like Fireblocks, Artis Group of Faculty Group, and Black Mamba Ventures, Tuna Chain is positioned to revolutionize DeFi in the cryptocurrency market.


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