Top 6 Prominent Airdrop Games on Telegram

Over the past period, games on Telegram have been extremely FOMO-inducing, with many users flocking to these titles. Let's explore 6 prominent games in recent times with AZCNews.

Top 6 Prominent Airdrop Games On Telegram

Why Are Games on Telegram Attracting So Many Participants?

Telegram has evolved from being just a messaging app into an engaging platform for online games. Here are some reasons why games on Telegram are attracting so much attention:

  • Easy Access and Play: Games on Telegram often feature simple and user-friendly interfaces. Players can start experiencing the game with just a few basic steps, without the need for complex software installation or special skills.
  • Earning Potential: Some games on Telegram allow players to earn money through “tap-to-earn” or “click-to-earn” mechanisms. This not only motivates participation but also provides direct economic benefits to users.
  • Free to Play: Currently, most games on Telegram are free. This allows many people to access and try out the games without financial barriers.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Telegram has built partnerships with big names like Animoca Brands, opening up opportunities to launch high-quality games and attract players.
  • Transition to Web3: Many games on Telegram are gradually transitioning from Web2 to Web3, offering real ownership of in-game assets to players. This not only increases appeal but also aligns with the development trends of blockchain technology.

Top 6 Prominent Airdrop Games on Telegram



Leading this trend is Notcoin (NOT) – a project listed on most major exchanges. Notcoin allows users to earn free profits through the “Tap to Earn” mechanism on the Telegram messaging app.

Participants receive rewards in the form of NOT – the project’s native token deployed on the TON blockchain. In addition to the main function, players can use the Boost feature or invite friends to earn more NOT.

Since its launch in January 2024, Notcoin has attracted over 40 million users, with daily active players peaking at over 6 million during the airdrop event.

Hamster Kombat


Hamster Kombat is a simple click-to-earn project similar to Notcoin, where players click on the hamster on the screen to earn Coins. After each level, the hamster upgrades and changes appearance.

Besides clicking, you can also earn money and complete daily tasks such as joining Telegram, watching YouTube videos, and sharing tweets to earn more coins. Passive coin income is developed on themes like markets, media, and presidential elections.

If you find 3 pieces in the middle of the screen, you will immediately receive 5 million coins each day.

Launched at the end of March 2024, the project has achieved impressive figures such as 150 million players, 70 million daily users, 40 million Telegram channel subscribers, 25 million YouTube followers, and 9 million followers on X (Twitter). The project has also announced a future airdrop, expected in July.

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Catizenai 1

CatizenAI is one of the earliest click-to-earn projects developed and launched in the TON ecosystem.

In the game, you manage a cat store, merging cats of the same level to produce higher-level cats, increasing profits and pleasing customers.

CatizenAI is a leading mobile application (dApp) in The Open League of the TON Foundation, with over 20 million users and more than 500,000 paying users.



Yescoin is another idle click-to-earn project in the TON ecosystem. In this game, you swipe your finger across the screen to collect stakes and increase points.

Users can also invite friends and complete daily tasks to earn more stakes and climb the leaderboard.

The project has 18 million players, with 6 million connected to Yescoin wallets, from over 200 countries participating in the game.

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MemeFi Coin is also a tap-to-earn game with gameplay similar to Notcoin.

Developed since the end of 2023, the project has achieved milestones such as: 13 million players within 6 months of launch, a Telegram community with over 5 million members, and nearly 2 million followers on MemeFi’s X page.

The MEMEFI token will be launched in Q2 2024, and the mainnet beta will be launched in Q3 2024. Unlike other games of the same trend, MemeFi features a leveling system and bosses that gradually increase in difficulty, along with more attractive graphics.

The project’s tokenomics will allocate 90% to the community and the remaining 10% to VCs, partners, early users, and centralized exchanges (CEX).

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Pixelverse is a tap-to-earn application. In addition to the basic main gameplay similar to other tap-to-earn games on the market, Pixelverse also has a special PvP feature where players can battle each other for additional rewards.

Pixelverse successfully raised $5.5 million from various investment funds, including Animoca Brands.

Pixelverse has also partnered with Bybit to distribute rewards worth $30,000 to users for completing tasks, running until 01/07/2024. Previously, the app completed a campaign worth $110,000.

Pixelverse continues to attract new users by offering hot reward mechanisms with a prize pool of up to 220,000 USD. Currently, Pixelverse has reached the milestone of 26 million players and nearly 6 million Telegram channel subscribers.

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Games on Telegram are not only simple and easy to play but also offer numerous opportunities for earning and engaging entertainment. With strategic partnerships and the transition to Web3, Telegram is gradually becoming an ideal destination for the gaming community and investors. These games not only meet entertainment needs but also promise to bring economic benefits and new experiences to users.

Through this article, we have introduced to our readers 6 prominent games on Telegram in recent times. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section for a prompt response!


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