Swiss City Lugano Accepts Bitcoin and Tether

The Swiss city of Lugano has just announced, officially announcing that it has started accepting tax payments in Bitcoin (BTC) and stablecoin Tether (USDT).

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The Swiss city of Lugano is aggressively promoting local Bitcoin usage. Allows both citizens and businesses to pay for city services and taxes with cryptocurrency.

On December 5, the local government of Lugano officially announced that it will accept cryptocurrency payments for taxes and any other community fees. Lugano will accept Bitcoin and stablecoin Tether in an automated payment process. Through the cryptocurrency platform provided by the Bitcoin Suisse organization in Switzerland.

According to the announcement, residents and businesses in Lugano will have the ability to pay all bills with Bitcoin. Regardless of the type of service or the amount of the bill. Lugano residents can pay taxes or services with Bitcoin via Swiss QR codes on invoices. By scanning the code and paying via mobile wallet and their preferred cryptocurrency.

Lugano’s latest move into the cryptocurrency space is part of Plan B, a collaborative effort with Tether to utilize Bitcoin technology. To serve as a foundation for transforming the city’s financial system. Bitcoin Suisse has supported Lugano in Plan B by acting as a technical partner in the integrated payments solution. Provide Bitcoin and Tether payment options to collect taxes and other bills for city services.

BTC chart at 1:15 am on December 6, 2023 (UTC)

Previously in March 2022, Lugano began using cryptocurrency for tax payments through a partnership with Tether. Additionally, the city has also deployed blockchain-based solutions. Includes MyLugano app and LVGA Points payment token. As well as the introduction of the Lugano digital franc and the Lugano digital currency. 3Achain blockchain infrastructure has been integrated.

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Lugano is not the only city in Switzerland actively adopting Bitcoin for payments and testing blockchain technology. Previously, the Swiss canton of Zug began accepting tax payments in Bitcoin and Ether. From local companies and individuals in 2021. At the same time, Zermatt a municipality in the canton of Valais launched the option to pay taxes with Bitcoin. Along with Bitcoin Suisse support in January 2020.


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