Solana Chapter 2 Phone Receives 60,000 Pre-Orders

Solana's Chapter 2 phone is garnering widespread attention following the successful sales of its first edition, reaching 60,000 orders within just 3 weeks of pre-order availability.

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Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder and CEO of Solana Labs, revealed to The Block that Solana Mobile Chapter 2, the successor to Solana Mobile Saga, has amassed 60,000 pre-orders in less than 3 weeks.

Solana Mobile unveiled Chapter 2 on January 16, promoting the phone as featuring improved specifications and a lower price compared to the Saga. The pre-order price for Chapter 2 is currently $450, which is over half the price of the previous Saga model priced at $1000. Chapter 2 is expected to be shipped in 2025.

Initially launched in June 2022, Solana Mobile Saga had a price tag of $1000, which was later reduced to $599 due to sluggish sales. By December 15, 2023, the phone officially sold out following developments surrounding the Solana ecosystem.

The peak came when the memecoin Bonk announced a “super beneficial” airdrop for Saga buyers, propelling the smartphone into a hot item that sold out within just one week.

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Projects on Solana such as Mad Lads, Jupiter, Tensor, and Backpack quickly emulated Bonk’s marketing strategy and announced airdrops for Chapter 2 buyers. With hopes of capitalizing on the success of the first edition, many individuals placed orders with the intention of making a profit rather than solely using the smartphone.


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