Socrates Airdrop Guide

In the article below, will guide everyone to participate in the Airdrop project of the Socrates project.

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Introduction About Socrates

Socrates is developing Social-Fi and Game-Fi are two styles that are changing the way we interact and experience entertainment on Web3. Opens up a new world of promising opportunities and potential for users. These concepts are not just words but the embodiment of cutting-edge technological applications such as blockchain, Web3, DeFi and NFT. Innovatively applied in the field of social networking and digital gaming (GameFi). The Socrates project is developing extremely actively and dynamically. Demonstrate acumen and keep up with ongoing trends in the market.

Guide for hunting Socrates Project Airdrop

Step 1:

  • Access: Web or download the Socrates app on IOS or Android

  • Enter invitation code: 8kbjm9s3

  • Account registration can be registered via Mail or registered through Wallet

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Step 2:

  • Prepare at least 10 USDT Polygon network to Mint Pen Level. You can choose to Mint higher Pen Levels to Earn more

  • Go to “My Assets” section.

  • Choose the type of pen you want to mint

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Step 3:

  • Buy points to participate in activities on Socrates

  • Go to Buy Point section and select the number of Points you want to buy

  • 1 Poin = 1 USDT

  • The amount of Poin will be converted back to USDT when you join and want to convert to USDT

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Types of Pens and Pen Mechanisms

There are 3 types of Pens that you can Mint

  • Level 1: Mint price 10$ and equivalent to 1 vote / vote

  • Level 2: Mint price is 100$ and equivalent to 10 votes / vote

  • Level 3: Mint price is 300$ and equivalent to 30 votes / vote (when minting Level 3 Pens, there will be a chance to drop NFT Pens. NFT Pens will get 500 Points / day to be able to Support Posts on Trends)

NFT set price on Opensea: Link

In addition, you can upgrade the Pen and only need to make up for the missing amount of the Pen you currently own.

Earn Point Tips from the Socrates project

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  • You participate in asking questions (Pen of any level can ask questions) to receive 5% bonus pool from the questions. If a question becomes popular, there will be additional rewards for the trending question.

  • Only vote on popular questions with large pools

  • Choose to answer questions with low votes (0.1-1 point)

  • Support posts that are likely to trend (100% points will be returned at the end of the question). If the support question is trending then you will receive a support reward (free to earn))

The Earn mechanism will be divided into 3 stages

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  • Stage 1: When you just post a question and receive the first 20 votes and your vote is the most selected vote.

  • Stage 2: Voting percentage is not allowed to decrease more than 5% from the time you Vote. If the percentage increases and continues to increase, the Sharing portion from your Vote will increase even more

  • Stage 3: The final Voting Percentage of the post cannot be lower than when you vote

After a few days of experiencing the Socrates project, I see that Stage 1 and Stage 2 will be where you can earn the most. One tip is that you have a community group of about 10-20 people to eat the entire Pool Share from Stage 1 and continue to cover % voting when it decreases to eat Stage 2.

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Our vision is focused on using technology as a tool to explore and reshape the world. At the same time, it contributes to the formation of a new human civilization. The name “Socrates” was chosen because it foregrounds the core idea of “multiple choice questions with no standard answers” and embodies the spirit of thought and discussion.


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