Pop Social Token (PPT) Guide: How to Earn and Utilize

Curious about what you can do with Pop Social's native Pop Token (PPT) and how to accumulate it? Dive into the world of PPT.

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Pop is on a mission to make Web3 accessible to internet users worldwide, starting with the social media landscape. Pop Labs, through their Pop Social app, seeks to introduce the masses to the wonders of Web3 and blockchain technology. The gateway to this new era begins with SocialFi features, allowing even the least Web3-savvy individuals to grasp the concept. Eventually, simplified DeFi features will be integrated into the platform. To ensure a robust Web3 infrastructure, Pop has formed a strategic partnership with Prysm Group, already incorporated into the latest version of the Pop Social App.

At the core of this partnership lies Pop Token (PPT), a critical component in maintaining the Pop Social Ecosystem’s vitality. This blog will shed light on how users can earn PPT on the Pop Social DApp, its versatile applications, and how it fosters equilibrium within the platform.

Introducing $PPT, Pop Social’s Native Token

The Pop Social Ecosystem revolves around its native digital token, Pop Token ($PPT), acting as the primary reward mechanism for the project. Additionally, the ecosystem hosts NFTs from the Pop NFT Collection, both of which hold value within and beyond the Pop DApp.

PPT’s design focuses on creating a self-sustainable and long-term SocialFi token model, fostering a symbiotic relationship between users and creators on the platform. It employs dynamic emissions to create a positive feedback loop, driving user adoption and creator engagement. PPT’s purpose is to incentivize creators and users with a dynamic rewards system, differing from traditional social media platforms. In essence, PPT powers the Pop Social ecosystem and plays a pivotal role for all its participants.

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Earning and Utilizing PPT in the Pop Social Ecosystem

PPT offers a multitude of opportunities for earning and utilization within the Pop Social Ecosystem. It maintains equilibrium among three distinct entities: users, creators, and advertisers. Creators and users directly receive PPT emissions, while advertisers must purchase PPT for ad space on the platform. Now, let’s delve into how creators and users can earn and use PPT within Pop Social.

How to Earn PPT on Pop Social

PPT serves as more than a transactional currency; it also serves as a reward for content creation, curation, and consumption. The platform rewards those who contribute value to Pop through PPT, leveraging network effects to boost the platform’s growth and health.

User and creator engagement within the Pop DApp is tracked based on time spent and types of interactions. This tracking, measured by Pop Credits (PCR), is automatically converted to PPT at designated times, ensuring a fair conversion of engagements into earned PPT.

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Earning PPT on Pop Social involves various activities, most of which you likely already do daily at no gain. These activities include posting, reading, watching, sharing, liking, and commenting on content. You can also earn PPT by referring new users through your Invitation code. The more value you contribute, the more Pop Credits you earn, translating to more PPT.

How to Use PPT on Pop Social

With PPT in hand, you can enhance your Pop Genesis Dynamic NFT’s value by purchasing NFT accessories. These upgrades enable you to earn more PPT in less time and unlock exclusive social features.

PPT holders can open Treasure Chests, which yield rewards like increased PPT earning rates, enhanced content visibility, and rare NFTs from Pop Social. PPT can also be used for NFT marketplace fees and fiat on-ramp fees. All spent PPT, including ad purchases, circulates back into the Pop Treasury, which, in turn, redistributes PPT emissions.

Creators contribute to the Pop Social Treasury through various means, including taxed revenue from subscriptions and NFT Collection launches. They also engage in PPT giveaways and raid-to-earn incentives. PPT allows users to tip creators for premium content access and facilitates creator governance staking, unlocking fee discounts, and other utilities.

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PPT’s utility extends to minting and purchasing Subscription NFTs and a variety of NFTs from the Pop NFT Marketplace. Engaging with the Pop DApp unlocks a world of perks and possibilities within the Pop Social community.

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How Pop Social’s PPT Functions

PPT’s circulation within the Pop Social Ecosystem is vital for its longevity. The Pop Social Treasury serves as the hub for spent PPT, maintaining sustainable token economics. When the average tokens per user decrease significantly, the Pop Social Treasury activates, accumulating value within the token. The maximum supply of PPT is capped at 200,000,000.

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Pop’s revenue primarily stems from Ad Tech, providing a proven means of sustainable monetization. Users encounter advertisements as a reward and opportunity for extra tokens, rather than an unwanted intrusion. Additionally, revenue flows from NFT royalties, content NFT sales, minting and transaction fees, and more, all contributing to the Pop Treasury.

Ultimately, the value of the Pop Social Ecosystem is driven by its users. The community is at the center of Pop Social’s focus, as it’s the users who shape and enrich this digital space. Allow Pop Social to empower and reward you as you establish your online social identity and lifestyle.


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