Playing the Game to Receive Telegram’s Notcoin Airdrop

With a staggering 27 million players, the captivating Notcoin game on Telegram is making waves as it gears up for the impending NOT token drop. Discover why it has firmly seized our attention.

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Notcoin operates seamlessly within the Telegram messaging app, aligning with a token set to launch on The Open Network (TON), the blockchain originating from the messaging platform. Addressing earlier uncertainties surrounding the airdrop, Open Builders, the creators of Notcoin, confirmed that the token will indeed transition to TON, with an expected release in late March or early April.

Screenshots from NotcoinScreenshots from Notcoin.

In a strategic move, the team introduced an NFT-based voucher system, allowing players to convert their in-game currency into vouchers for trading prior to the token’s debut. Those who prefer to abstain from the pre-token voucher system can patiently await the moment when their in-game currency becomes eligible for direct exchange into tokens.

Beyond the seemingly simplistic tapping mechanics, what truly intrigued me about this unassuming game was its social dimension. Upon configuring my Notcoin Telegram bot, I discovered that several of my friends were also immersed in the game, instantly igniting a competitive desire to outperform them on the leaderboard.

The global leaderboard categorizes players into leagues based on their accumulated Notcoin (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond), with each player further ranked within their respective league. The revelation that some friends held higher rankings than me strangely fueled a newfound determination to elevate my tapping skills.

Notcoin Airdrop
Notcoin Airdrop

The regular cadence of boosts also played a significant role in keeping me engaged. Notcoin offers two daily free boosts to turbocharge earnings—a brief surge in earnings triggered by tapping a rocket ship and an energy refill for when tapping depletes your energy. With the ability to use three of each boost daily at no cost, the knowledge that these boosts might contribute to a future airdrop served as ample motivation, ensuring my repeated return to the game.

In addition to the free boosts, Notcoin introduces “paid” boosts, but the catch is you can only spend earned Notcoin, and there’s no option to purchase it directly within the game. This approach maintains a sense of fairness, steering clear of any pay-to-win dynamics that could dampen the overall experience.

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The game presents a dilemma—whether to hoard in-game coins for a more substantial airdrop or invest them in paid boosts to amplify overall earnings. I opted to exhaust my in-game currency on available upgrades, proudly boasting a level 10 energy limit (no need for envy here).

Notcoin may not hold the title of the best game I’ve ever played, far from it. Yet, it has an undeniable grip on me. The game’s simplicity, coupled with its incentives and social elements, compel me to return consistently, despite its straightforward gameplay. If you’re seeking a fully immersive gaming experience, Notcoin might not fit the bill. However, if you’re up for some lighthearted fun in a quirky mobile game with the potential for an airdrop, I’m ready to welcome a new challenger to the league.


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    I like the game too

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      Same here, I love the game. I have been accumulating NOTCOIN.

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        I love the game too

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        Send me your referral link

      • Avatar of Emmanuel

        How can I start please

    • Avatar of Ruslan

      Я в игре с бета версии, с начала декабря. Так что для меня эта игра что-то больше чем просто игра. Разработчикам огромный респект

  2. Avatar of Cornelius Izuchukwu Oguamanam
    Cornelius Izuchukwu Oguamanam

    Its world changing dynamics and humans are expected to follow suit. Light up the globe

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    repani chakma


    • Avatar of Temitope salau
      Temitope salau

      I love the game amongst the telegram Blockchain games

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    Ahmad Auwal

    I like this Game.

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      I love it

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        Send me referral link

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      How can I play the game

  5. Avatar of David Oluwabukunmi Awe
    David Oluwabukunmi Awe

    Hey thanks for this but one thing me or others are confused about is that. The notCoin balance or the Score points which is more important for Airdrop.

    • Avatar of Olanrewaju

      The notcoin balance.

      The interval between the Notcoin score and total balance is as a result of you completing some task given to you by Notcoin, so the point you earned is as a result of the task you carried out.

      So your total score plus the task you carried out is equall to your total balance which is your own.

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      Time will tell

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    Jessa Olvido

    I’m a NOTCOIN miner it’s a good news for us who are NOTCOINER.

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    Same to me , am still tapping notcoin, probably nothing will become something

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    What’s the best advice?

    Convert to voucher or wait till token launch?

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    Usman Falke

    How can I get the link please

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    Tyoapine tertsea

    I we love to play the game

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    Usama Zubairu

    Absolutely nothing to something big..

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    Where is the link!!! It’s that notcoin or….!!!

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    I really don’t know much about it yet though
    Am enjoying the process

  15. Avatar of Izy

    Strangely enough this is the most immersive crypto game I’ve played since WIMIX games and it has left a good impression on me since it’s extremely simple to play and doesn’t take too much time. The inbuilt click bot just makes it easier to gather more Not. I’m looking forward to it’s launch very much….

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    I have 2million+ notcoins🙂

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      Seinitonkumo Gibson

      That’s probably Nøthing.

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    How can I participate in the notcoin airdrop

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    Yusuf Aliyu Ibrahim


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    No referral codes

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    I have Accumulated as much as I can @N Notcoin

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    Not coin the best

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    I have NOTCOIN account in telegram

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