Participate in Airdrop of Layer 2 Blast

Blast has raised $20 million in capital from three important investment funds: Paradigm, Standard Crypto and eGirl Capital. Join the Blast airdrop in the article below

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What is Blast?

Blast is a Layer-2 solution built on Ethereum’s Optimistic Rollup technology, fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It offers the ability to earn interest through staking on the Ethereum network. The expected initial deployment rate for ETH is 4%, and for stablecoin, it is 5%.

On November 21, 2023, Blast announced it has attracted $20 million from three investment funds: Paradigm, Standard Crypto, and eGirl Capital, with the participation of Andrew Kang from Mechanism Capital, Hasu from Lido Finance, and many other investors.

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Airdrop Participation Guide

Step 1: Visit io/airdrop, connect your wallet, and enter a referral code from another user consisting of 5 characters. You can find referral codes in the Blast Discord under [Invites].

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Step 2: Complete basic tasks such as inviting new users, linking your X account (formerly Twitter), and joining Discord.

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Step 3: Visit blast, execute some bridge commands to transfer ETH to the Blast chain, and receive Points for the airdrop.


Through this article, has introduced and provided guidance on participating in the Airdrop for Blast Layer-2, offering everyone the opportunity to receive airdrops from the project in the future. Don’t forget to follow for updates on potential projects in the future.


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