OKX Exchange had a Security Vulnerability in the iOS Application

The OKX exchange has a security vulnerability, requiring users using the exchange's iOS application to update to the latest version to avoid security risks.

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OKX exchange had a security vulnerability in the iOS application

On a December 19 announcement, OKX announced that they had discovered and promptly fixed a security vulnerability in their iOS application. The information reveals that the vulnerability may affect third-party service providers affiliated with OKX.

Although the vulnerability has been fixed and there have been no reports of any damage or loss of property to users. OKX still recommends that users exercise caution and update the iOS app to the latest version 6.45.0 to resolve the issue.

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Security unit CertiK also spoke up about the incident, confirming its discovery and warning to OKX.

okx exchange had a security vulnerability in the ios application 65b97394a8cc0


According to data from DefiLlama, OKX is currently the second largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world after Binance, with 24-hour spot trading volume reaching 2.4 billion USD and holding valuable customer accounts worth up to 12.2 billion USD.


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