New Binance CEO Richard Teng Refused to Reveal the Location of the Company’s Headquarters

In an interview with the Financial Times on December 5, Binance's new CEO, Mr. Richard Teng, continued to keep information about the company's headquarters tight-lipped and maintain the image of a globally operating corporation. bridge.

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The headquarters of the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, continues to remain a “mystery”, and the exchange has always kept this information public, asserting itself as a globally operating company and denying Reveal specific locations. In an interview with the Financial Times on December 5, the new CEO, Richard Teng, strongly objected when asked about the company’s headquarters:

“Why do you feel entitled to these answers… Do we need to share all this information publicly? NO.”

However, Mr. Teng still revealed that Binance’s European headquarters is France, its Middle East headquarters is Dubai, and the company’s global headquarters will be revealed “when appropriate.”

Previously, former CEO Changpeng Zhao often asserted that Binance did not have any specific global headquarters. Binance’s website does not list any headquarters and describes a global advisory board with members around the world. Although there is a holding company in Malta, the country’s regulator has denied jurisdiction over the company.

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The reality of Binance’s operations has long been a subject of controversy. There are many sources claiming that the exchange still operates in China despite announcing its withdrawal many years ago.

Binance also requires employees to keep the company’s positions private, avoiding “submarine” information from government agencies. Despite promoting a remote work culture, Binance was discovered secretly setting up offices in many locations around the world.

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After joining Binance in 2021 and serving as CEO of Binance Singapore, Richard Teng quickly rose through the ranks of the exchange’s leadership, becoming Managing Director of all markets for Binance outside the US in May 2023. This was also the time when rumors appeared that he would replace CZ.

On November 22, Richard Teng officially took over as CEO, replacing the recently deposed Changpeng Zhao. Soon after, he announced that he would transform Binance into a global, law-abiding company, ready for the “next 50 years.”


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