Instructions for Participating in Airdrop Smart Layer

In this article, AZC News will guide everyone to participate in Airdrop Smart Layer. This is a potential project detailed here!

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Smart Layer overview

Smart Layer is a blockchain-based programmable service network that implements token logic, allowing complex interactions with different systems and tokens in a decentralized, scalable, and secure manner.

Smart Layer developed by Smart Token Labs has raised capital of 6M USD

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The project is trusted by many large investment funds

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According to official information on X, Smart Layer will airdrop to participants

Instructions for participating in Airdrop Smart Layer

Step 1: Access:

Step 2: Register by email and verify

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Step 3: After successfully registering, complete the Quests to receive points (Quests are quite simple)

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Through the article on, we have introduced instructions for making Airdrop Smart Layer to have a chance to receive airdrops from the project in the future. Don’t forget to follow to update potential projects.


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