How to Participate in the Artyfact Metaverse Airdrop

Artyfact_Game is hosting an airdrop with a 50,000 $USDT prize pool for 1,000 random lucky participants who complete all tasks, and the top 1,000 referrers

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About Artyfact

Artyfact is a Web3 Metaverse Game that skillfully merges AAA gaming quality with the Play-to-Earn approach. It emphasizes an immersive gaming experience through a distinctive economic model that balances gameplay and earning opportunities.

$ARTY, the key token in Artyfact’s economy, not only enables players to engage in PAE games and earn rewards but also to trade a variety of NFTs and participate in exclusive virtual events.

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How to join the Artyfact Airdrop?

Step-by-Step Guide ”Artyfact – USDT Airdrop”

  1. Launch the Artyfact Airdrop Telegram Bot.
  2. Follow @Artyfact_Game on Twitter, and like/retweet the pinned post.
  3. Join the Artyfact Telegram Group Channel, and Discord.
  4. Download the Artyfact Demo on your PC and register.
  5. Submit your BEP-20 wallet address and details to the Bot.

⚡️ We Are Happy To Announce Artyfact USDT Airdrop! ⚡️

💰Total Airdrop Pool: 50000 USDT!

🤑 Reward 1: 15000 USDT for the top 1000 referrers!

🤑 Reward 2: 35000 USDT for the 1000 random participants who completed all tasks!

🔥 Start the Artyfact Airdrop Bot -…

— Artyfact Metaverse (@artyfact_game) September 24, 2023

▪️ 1,000 random participants will share 35,000 USDT, and top 1,000 referrers will split 15,000 USDT.

The Airdrop ends on December 23, and USDT distribution will be on December 25. Good Luck!


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