How Do I Create a Binance Account? The Step-by-Step Guide

Binance is the world's most popular cryptocurrency exchange and the article below will help you create your first account.

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Introducing Binance

Binance is a large and famous cryptocurrency exchange in the world. It was founded in July 2017 by Changpeng Zhao (CZ), a Chinese businessman. Binance is quickly becoming one of the leading exchanges in the cryptocurrency industry.

This exchange provides a powerful platform for buying, selling and trading a variety of cryptocurrencies, from Bitcoin and Ethereum to various altcoins. Binance also offers other services such as deposits, withdrawals, and a variety of advanced trading tools and features.

Binance has its own coin called Binance Coin (BNB), which is used to reduce trading fees and provide many other incentives to users on the platform. The exchange also regularly organizes events and promotions to encourage usage and strengthen the user community.

Binance not only operates as an exchange, but also expands into many other areas such as market analysis, research and development of blockchain technology. Known for its innovation and flexibility, Binance has become a key player in the global cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Requirements to create a Binance account

To complete the account registration process on Binance, you need to complete the verification step (KYC – know your customer). Requirements for verification information from Binance may vary depending on your region and account type.


However, if you are in the US, you can use any one of the following documents to pass Binance’s KYC process:
• Valid passport.
• Identity card issued by the government.
• License.
• Your PAN card or social security number.
• Voter ID card.

When you get to the ID verification step, select the option with serial number instead of the ID scan option. For example, driver’s licenses or passports often require scanning, which can slow down the verification process. However, choosing the option to enter a number, such as your SSN or BVN, will make the process quick because Binance will automatically verify the digits.

You can create a Binance account via the mobile app or website (desktop). Although the registration process is similar on both platforms, we will walk through the steps for both platforms.

How to create a Binance account on the mobile application

To start the registration process on the mobile app, you need to install the Binance app on your smartphone from the Play Store or App Store if you have not done so already.

Download: Binance (Free)

Once downloaded, open the mobile app and perform the following steps:

Tap “Register” at the top left.

1. Select “Register by phone or email”.

2. Next, select your country of residence from the “Country/Region of Residence” drop-down list.

3. Select Create personal account.


4. Provide your email address and password, then tap “Next”. Select “Yes” or “No” at the bottom of the screen to agree or decline to receive updates from Binance

5. You may encounter a security check screen. Complete it by sliding the lock into place.

6. Now, check your inbox to receive an email verification code from Binance. Copy and paste this code into the “Email verification code” field, then tap “Next.”

7. If required, tap “Enable” to enable biometric authentication for your Binance account.


8. Next, provide your phone number and tap Next. Verify your phone number if prompted.

9. Click Verify Now to start the Binance KYC process.