Hamster Kombat Faces Criticism in Iran

The popular Tap-to-Earn game on the Telegram messaging platform, Hamster Kombat, has recently faced criticism from the Iranian government.

Hamster Kombat Faces Criticism In Iran

Iran Criticizes Tap-to-Earn Game Hamster Kombat

According to the Associated Press, Iranian officials are vehemently opposing the Tap-to-Earn game Hamster Kombat. The Deputy Commander of the Iranian Armed Forces, Habibollah Sayyari, has criticized the game, labeling it as a “soft power” tool used by the West to distract the public from the upcoming presidential election.

Hamster Kombat

Soft Power, a concept first introduced in 1990, describes the ability to achieve desired outcomes through influence and persuasion rather than by force. These criticisms arise amidst a surge of Iranian citizens flocking to Hamster Kombat to earn money in the face of “hyperinflation” and with the presidential election on June 28 approaching rapidly.

The state-run news agency JameJam echoed the government’s stance, warning that the game embodies the perilous trend of “earning without effort,” or seeking wealth without working for it.

“A society that turns to games like these, seeking quick fortunes instead of working hard and striving for success, will see its culture of effort and entrepreneurship diminish,” the news agency stated.

The controversy has also caught the attention of Iran’s religious leader, Ayatollah Nasser Makarem Shirazi, who condemned cryptocurrencies as “the source of much abuse” and urged people to avoid Bitcoin-related games like Hamster Kombat.

It’s not hard to understand why Hamster Kombat has become so popular among Iranians. With Western sanctions, high inflation, and widespread unemployment, many Iranians are struggling to make ends meet. A significant number have turned to cryptocurrencies and are beginning to explore Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Hamster Kombat is seen by many as a “lifeline.”

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Hamster Kombat Continues to Attract Users

Hamster Kombat is a web3 game played directly on Telegram, gaining popularity for its idle earning mechanism that allows players to accumulate coins simply by clicking. Users are akin to CEOs who log in daily to complete tasks and accumulate more coins. As of now, the project has yet to release its official token.

Despite its simple gameplay, Hamster Kombat boasts a massive following, with the current user count reaching 200 million, compared to Telegram’s total user base of 900 million.


Many people draw parallels between Hamster Kombat and the once-renowned game Axie Infinity, which provided players with an income of $1,300 per month—a significant amount for people in developing countries.

The Hamster Kombat development team has announced plans to launch its token on The Open Network (TON) in July. Last month, Notcoin made a notable debut in this ecosystem, with its clicker game, similar to Hamster Kombat, attracting 35 million players ahead of the NOT token launch.


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    Thank you for the information. AZCoin to the moon 🚀🚀🚀🚀

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      Ce gouvernement Iranien ne doit

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    Who Iran epp?

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      Ce gouvernement Iranien ne doit pas s’attaquer à hamster Kombat, plus tôt il doit stabiliser son économie et créer l’emploi à sa population pour gagner sa vie. Hamster Kombat est un projet de lutte contre la pauvreté et le chômage.

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    This is great project.

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      Hamster combat to the moon 🌙🌙 Iran government to hell💥💥

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      Fuck iran

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        fcuk you too

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    Need help for others you must be saw where need.

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    Let the Iran government go to hell, will that stop them from doing their election? What a stupid government…..I support hamster Kombat game.

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      Hamster KOMBAT to the MOON.
      Another way to Market Hamster KOMBAT
      I’m proudly an HAMSTER 🐹

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    Tham giam trò chơi hamsters kombat kiếm tiền thì liên quan gì đến chính trị đâu.Cũng một cách vừa giải trí vừa kiếm tiềm khi nhàn rỗi…tuyệt quá!!!

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      Yes Hamster is Real earning game

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    Sometimes I wonder why people who call themselves leaders are always being wicked and selfish indirectly to their subordinates… it’s just heartbreaking that this is everywhere

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    This is hilarious 😂, I wonder why some leaders think with their ass.

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    O toque Hrmter vai alcançar valores absurdo

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    When listing on July pls?

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    Damn, this is crazy, well they’re right only bout the fact that we all are seeking easy money by not working so hard I mean…. Who wouldn’t…. I don’t have much to say than that I hope to become successful in this Crypto space and don’t have to cope with them ykw shxt, controlling everything….

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    Rất hay

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    Thank you for this info

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    Hamster combat to the moon 🌙🌙 Iran government to hell💥💥

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    Iran rie nsi!!!!

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    I think the Iranian government and leaders need to have knowledge about cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency never bring the economy of country down. Rather than it will just boost it. That for this great information The (AZ_COINER)

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    Make Dem dey play very soon their would be president go use hamster Cash out

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    حساب کنید اگر نفری ۱۰۰ دلار به کاربران بخواهد بدهد ۲۰میلیارد دلار باید داشته باشد .
    ایا میتواند؟ من فکر نمیکنم

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    Harusnya pemerintah didunia faham bahwa perubahan dunia teknologinya itu tdk bisa dibendung. Justru ini menjadi tambahan lahan bagi pemerintah untuk memanfaatkannya bagi kepentingan negara di bidang ekonomi dan keuangan

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    Yes Hamster is Real earning game

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    Most government officials re deep into cryptos, and want to keep it out reach for ordinary folks, example of what’s is acting out in the US, and other malicious laws and regulations by many other countries against cryptos and it’s related activities.

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    They are wicked

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