Will Hamster Kombat be Listed on Binance or OKX?

Hamster Kombat - a tap-to-earn project similar to Notcoin, has attracted over 150 million users and plans to conduct an airdrop and get listed on exchanges. So, which exchange will list Hamster Kombat? Read more details here!

Will Hamster Kombat Be Listed On Binance Or Okx

What is Hamster Kombat?

Hamster Kombat is a simple yet highly engaging game that allows players to earn coins through a native app on Telegram, known as a “mini app.” To start playing, all you need to do is open a chat on Telegram and dive into the experience.

What is Hamster Kombat?
What is Hamster Kombat?

The game has captured significant attention from the community, boasting over 150 million users eagerly collecting coins. These coins might play a crucial role in determining the number of tokens players will receive in the upcoming airdrop. Although Hamster Kombat launched in March, it gained considerable attention following the conclusion of the Notcoin airdrop, as players began searching for new games with similar airdrop opportunities.

Fundamentally, Hamster Kombat combines the “tap-to-earn” gameplay with a simulation of a cryptocurrency exchange. In the game, users act as the CEO of a growing crypto exchange, tasked with elevating it to unprecedented heights in the whimsical world of hamsters. Players earn coins by tapping on a golden coin, which can then be used to upgrade their exchange.

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Why is Hamster Kombat So Successful?

Since its launch at the end of March, Hamster Kombat has quickly drawn massive attention and become widely popular in a short period.

The Telegram channel for Hamster Kombat, called “Battle of the Hamsters,” is currently the largest channel on the platform, with nearly 40 million members. On June 5, the development team announced that the number of players logging into the mini app had reached 100 million. This figure represents an astounding 1.234% of the global population, as highlighted by the developers.

Number of users of Hamster Kombat
Number of users of Hamster Kombat

In less than two weeks, by June 17, the number of users had surpassed 150 million. According to the latest data, Hamster Kombat maintains a daily active player base of between 50 and 60 million.

On social media, Hamster Kombat has also made a significant impact. The official YouTube channel of “Battle of the Hamsters” has over 20 million subscribers, and their page on X (formerly Twitter) attracts around 8 million followers. This widespread appeal underscores the game’s global reach and popularity.

Where is Hamster Kombat Most Popular?

Where is Hamster Kombat Most Popular?
Where is Hamster Kombat Most Popular?

The search trend for Hamster Kombat has surged since May and accelerated further in June. According to Google Trends, this trend is expected to peak soon. Ethiopia stands out as the country with the highest search interest, scoring 100 points.

Reports from Hamster Kombat in April, when the app first hit the milestone of 1 million players, indicated that Nigeria and Uzbekistan were the top countries with the largest player bases, accounting for over 60% of the user population. Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Uzbekistan are countries with low average per capita income, suggesting that many residents are seeking income opportunities through Hamster Kombat.

When Will Hamster Kombat Airdrop and Token Listing Happen?

Earlier in June, a live broadcast was hosted on X featuring representatives from TON and Hamster Kombat. A project team member, known as Hamster Girl, revealed that the token listing is tentatively scheduled for July, though the exact timing may vary.

“The [listing] could happen sooner or later due to various factors, including compliance and negotiations,” explained Hamster Girl.

Previously, it was known that the developers of Hamster Kombat were planning to launch their own coin based on the TON blockchain.

During the broadcast, Hamster Girl emphasized that, unlike Notcoin, the Hamster Kombat team will not finalize the current version of the game. According to their roadmap, many more updates and improvements are planned for the future.

“The game will never stop. We won’t close it even after the listing. The game will continue to evolve with more mechanisms, more cards, and even more incentives to invite friends and play together,” said Hamster Girl.

Today, the developers also addressed one of the most frequently asked questions: the upcoming airdrop will be based on hourly earnings and other operational metrics, rather than the coin balance. The team promised to reveal more details soon.

The Price of Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) in the Pre-market

The Price of Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) in the Pre-market
The Price of Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) in the Pre-market

Although Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) has not been officially listed yet, it is already being traded on pre-market exchanges.

Pre-market exchanges are platforms for trading projects that have not been officially listed. Most tokens on the pre-market are eventually listed officially. The presence of HMSTR on pre-market exchanges has created a lot of hope among players.

On the Gate.io pre-market, HMSTR trades around $0.4, although the trading volume remains low compared to the rewards that players can earn. Besides Gate.io, the Kucoin Pre-market also features Hamster Kombat (HMSTR) trading, though there is still no specific trading data available.

The appearance of HMSTR on the pre-market indicates a high likelihood that the game’s token will be officially listed. This trend reflects how exchanges often prioritize trading volume and user interest over the technological or solution-based contributions of a project to the Web3 ecosystem.

Which Exchanges Will List Hamster Kombat?

Weekly traffic of exchanges
Weekly traffic of exchanges

With over 150 million users in less than four months since its launch, Hamster Kombat boasts a user base that many cryptocurrency exchanges can only dream of.

Hamster Kombat’s user base is second only to Binance, which has about 200 million users. At its current growth rate, surpassing Binance seems just a matter of time.

Hamster Kombat also far exceeds the user base of OKX, which has about 50 million users.

In terms of daily traffic, Hamster Kombat attracts around 50 million users daily, significantly outpacing other cryptocurrency exchanges. The leading exchange in terms of weekly traffic is Binance, with about 15 million weekly visits.

Given these impressive figures, exchanges will be eager to attract Hamster Kombat users post-airdrop. Therefore, it is reasonable to predict that most major exchanges will list Hamster Kombat soon after the airdrop, including Binance, OKX, ByBit, Gate.io, BingX and others.


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