Guide to Participating in Eigen Layer Testnet Airdrop

In this article, AZC News will guide everyone on how to participate in the Eigen Layer testnet experience for a chance to receive airdrops from the project.

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Introduction to Eigen Layer

Eigen Layer is a project that provides the first ReStaking solution on Ethereum, having raised over 65 million USD with a total value locked (TVL) on the testnet platform of nearly 50 million USD. Eigen Layer is part of the relatively hot Liquid Staking Derivatives sector following the successful Shapella upgrade of ETH!

The project recently successfully launched its mainnet on June 15th, promising rewards for participants. Currently, the project has a TVL of 339 million USD.

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EigenLayer has recently launched the second phase of its testnet, testing the EigenDA & AVS products. In this phase, re-stakers delegate funds to operators to test the EigenDA product, focusing on decentralized autonomous organizations (DA). As a competitor to Celestia, AZC News believes that EigenLayer will launch its mainnet and airdrop to test users.

Guide to participating in Eigen Layer Testnet Airdrop Phase 2

This is a testnet opportunity that few people are taking advantage of, with no need to race for gas like the mainnet and no limit on the number of participants.

Step 1: Preparation

1. If you don’t have GoerliETH:

   – Buy 0.025 ETH from a CEX exchange and withdraw it to your Metamask wallet on the Ethereum Mainnet (fee around 3-4$).

   – Swap ETH > GoerliETH

     + Connect:

     + Swap 0.01 ETH > GoerliETH (receive about 434 GoerliETH)

   If you already have GoerliETH, skip the above steps.

guide to participating in eigen layer testnet airdrop phase 2 65b9504fc8c2c

2. Goerli stETH

   – Open your Metamask wallet on the Goerli ETH network.

   – Choose “Send” > enter contract: 0x1643E812aE58766192Cf7D2Cf9567dF2C37e9B7F

   – Click “I understand” > enter the amount of Goerli ETH you want to swap to stETH > Send

3. Goerli rETH

   – Access:

   – Choose Swap Goerli ETH > rETH > enter the amount you want to swap > Swap

Step 2: Restake Goerli EigenLayer

guide to participating in eigen layer testnet airdrop phase 2 65b9504fcadcb

   – Access:

   – Choose Lido Staked Ether > Enter the amount of stETH you want to restake > Confirm

   – Similarly with Rocket Pool Ether

Step 3: Delegate to the operator

   – Access:

   – You can choose a random node operator, but it is recommended to delegate to EigenLabs.

   – Press search: EigenLabs > select Delegate > Confirm

guide to participating in eigen layer testnet airdrop phase 2 65b9504fccf31

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Through this article, AZC News has introduced and guided participation in the Eigen Layer Testnet to give everyone the opportunity to receive airdrops from the project in the future. Don’t forget to follow AZC News to stay updated on potential projects in the future.


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