Guide to Participate in ZKsync ByStarter and Earn ZK Tokens on Bybit

Join the zkSync ByStarter event on Bybit for a chance to win ZK Tokens, with a total prize pool of up to 14.7 million ZK Tokens.

Guide To Participate In Zksync Bystarter And Earn Zk Tokens On Bybit

Starting at 7 AM UTC on June 17, 2024, the ZKsync ByStarter event offers you the chance to dive into a massive treasure of 14,700,000 ZK, with rewards distributed to winners immediately. Simply sign up, complete the designated tasks, and claim your rewards!

Key Dates:

  • Participation Period: From 7 AM UTC, June 17, 2024, to 10 AM UTC, July 18, 2024.
  • Distribution Period: From 10 AM UTC, July 18, 2024, to 10 AM UTC, July 25, 2024.
  • Results Announcement: 10 AM UTC, July 25, 2024.
  • ZK Listing: When liquidity meets the listing requirements.

How to Participate in ZKsync ByStarter on Bybit:

Join ZKsync ByStarter Here

  1. Complete Identity Verification Level 1.
  2. Add Your Web3 Wallet:
    • Create your first Web3 wallet or import an existing one using the Bybit Wallet Chrome extension. For a smoother experience, we recommend using a PC. Check out the detailed guide in our Help Center.
  3. Lock 100 USDT via Your Funding Account During the Participation Period.
    • The locked USDT will be returned to your Bybit account before the Distribution Period ends.
  4. Complete All On-chain Tasks During the Participation Period.
    • Use the wallet you connected to ByStarter to complete the tasks. Visit our page below for the complete list of tasks and further instructions.

Participation and Distribution Results

Zksync Bystater

There are four possible outcomes for participants:

  1. Failed to Receive Distribution:
    • Participants who do not complete the on-chain tasks or are not among the first 400,000 participants will not receive any ZK rewards.
  2. Participation Prize:
    • The first 400,000 participants who lock 100 USDT in the ZK ByStarter event will receive 5 ZK each.
  3. Sunshine Prize:
    • Participants who complete all required tasks but are not selected in the lucky draw will share equally in a 4,600,000 ZK prize pool. To qualify, you must:
      • Lock 100 USDT in ZK ByStarter.
      • Complete all on-chain tasks.
      • Link the correct wallet that completed the tasks.
      • Not be selected in the lucky draw.
      • Example: If 50,000 users qualify and are not drawn, each will receive 90 ZK.
  4. Grand Prize:
    • A total of 27,000 winners will share 8,100,000 ZK, receiving 300 ZK each if they:
      • Lock 100 USDT in ZK ByStarter.
      • Complete all on-chain tasks.
      • Link the correct wallet that completed the tasks.
      • Be selected in the lucky draw.

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Unique Lucky Draw Mechanism

To determine the Grand Prize winners in the ZK ByStarter, we use a unique draw process based on blockchain data:

  • Seed Number: Take the last digit of the block hash from the first ZKsync era produced at 12 AM (midnight) UTC on July 15, 2024. For example, if the hash is 0x51fdb5de7a8e543375e1494e15bc7958a5c2068f4f2b40b212568410e9bc74ad, the seed number is 4.
  • Initial Selection: Identify all participants whose lottery numbers include this seed number (4 in this example).
  • Order of Draw: These identified lottery numbers are then arranged in ascending order to start the draw for the Grand Prize.
  • Continued Selection with Seed Number: If the initial group of participants whose lottery numbers contain the seed number does not yield enough winners for the Grand Prize, we will continue the draw with the next set of numbers. The draw continues from the remaining pool, also arranged in ascending order, until all 27,000 Grand Prize winners are determined.

Read more about the event here.

Important Notes

  • Each Bybit account can only use one (1) wallet to participate in the ZK ByStarter.
  • You must complete all on-chain tasks with a single wallet. Using different wallets for different tasks will invalidate your eligibility for rewards.
  • You can unlink and reconnect different wallet addresses as many times as you like during the Participation Period. However, you cannot change the wallet address once the Participation Period ends.
  • The wallet linked at the end of the Participation Period will be checked to verify if you have completed the on-chain tasks. Ensure you link the correct wallet you used to interact with the protocols. Failure to do so will make you ineligible for the Sunshine Prize or Grand Prize.
  • All participants will receive the full amount of their locked token before the Distribution Period ends.

Join early and secure your chance to win big!



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