ZKSync Announces Release of Second Airdrop

After receiving significant feedback from the community during the first airdrop, zkSync has announced its


Nearly Half of zkSync Airdrop Recipient Wallets Have Sold ZK Tokens

The Layer 2 solution for Ethereum, zkSync, faced controversy regarding its airdrop, which resulted in

What is zkSync? Information about ZK Token

One of the most prominent projects in the realm of Layer 2 is zkSync, which


Guide to Participate in ZKsync ByStarter and Earn ZK Tokens on Bybit

Join the zkSync ByStarter event on Bybit for a chance to win ZK Tokens, with

Binance Lists ZKsync with ZK Token Distribution Program

Binance has announced the listing of ZKsync (ZK) with the ZK Token Distribution Program.

ZKsync to Airdrop 3.6 Billion ZK Tokens Next Week

The ZKsync Association will conduct a one-time token airdrop to 695,232 eligible wallets next week.


Top 10 Layer 2 Projects to Watch in the Near Future

With the explosive growth of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) on Ethereum, the relevance of Layer 2

KuCoin Announces Delisting of Polyhedra Network (ZK), Supports zkSync

KuCoin Exchange announces it will delist Polyhedra Network (ZK), indicating a move to support zkSync

ZkSync Airdrop Speculation Heats Up for Mid-June Launch

Rumors are swirling that the layer-2 platform zkSync is likely creating a token this week

Layer-2 zkSync Stopped working due to Excessive Caution

Recently, the development team of Layer-2 zkSync gave a reason why the network was down

Record-Breaking Transaction Volume on zkSync Era Paymaster

The number of transactions on zkSync Era Paymaster has exceeded 1.1 million, with SyncSwap Paymaster

What is Layer 2 ? Top Potential Projects on Layer 2

Layer 2 solutions are designed to enhance and optimize specific aspects of the blockchain to