Bybit Digital Exchange Introduces Pop Social on Its Web3 IDO Platform

Bybit, a globally recognized digital currency exchange, has launched Pop Social on its Web3 IDO platform, which stands for Initial DEX Offering, the initial release of digital tokens on a decentralized exchange.

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Bybit Listed Pop Social Token

Bybit, a widely accessed digital currency exchange worldwide, has introduced Pop Social on its Web3 IDO platform (Initial DEX Offering – the initial release of digital tokens on a decentralized exchange).

Bybit users can now participate in the token sale of Pop Social Token (PPT), the ultimate Web3 AI-powered social media platform, which is part of the cutting-edge Web3 community.

Pop Social aims to revolutionize the social media landscape by promoting an engaging social experience driven by user-generated content.

By democratizing content ownership and empowering the AI-driven creative economy, Pop Social bridges the gap between traditional social media platforms and the Web3 sharing experience.

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Bybit is proud to support this innovative project and welcomes the billions of users stepping into the Web3 world.

Ben Zhou, Co-Founder and CEO of Bybit, stated, “Bybit is dedicated to driving innovation in the digital currency space and promoting the global adoption of Web3.

The launch of Pop Social on our IDO platform grants users early access to promising projects leading the transition of social media to AI and blockchain technology. Our community can now help guide emerging, daring ventures and become a part of building the exciting future of this industry.”

In the Bybit IDO, a total of 500,000 PPT tokens will be allocated, representing 0.25% of the maximum total supply. Bybit users can purchase PPT tokens at a price of 0.1 USDT per token, enabling them to participate.

To participate in the Bybit Web3 IDO, users must possess a Bybit Wallet with a minimum balance of 250 USDT (BNB Chain) and 0.1 BNB (BNB Chain).

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Pop Social Reveals Token Listings and IDO on Top Exchanges

Pop Social is gearing up for a significant milestone in its journey towards Web3 prominence. The platform, renowned for its AI-driven social experience, is set to unveil its Pop Token (PPT) listings and conduct initial exchange offerings (IDO) on various prominent exchanges.

On October 24, 2023, at 10:00 UTC, Pop Social Token will introduce its native token, PPT, on esteemed exchanges, including Bybit,, Bitget, and MEXC. This move is poised to be a game-changer in Pop Social’s mission to introduce the next billion users to the Web3 universe. Notably, Bybit and Bitget users can participate in the PPT IDO between October 16, 10 AM UTC, and October 24, 10 AM UTC.

bybit digital exchange introduces pop social on its web3 ido platform 65b97a253d442

The IDO and Token Listing events are key milestones in Pop Social’s ambitious roadmap. The project has already demonstrated its commitment to its community, celebrating the remarkable success of its recent token sale rounds, which raised over $760,000. Building on this momentum, Pop Social is progressing towards transitioning from the testnet to the BSC mainnet.

All participants in the Community Sale, IDO, and Token Listing events will receive their share of PPT on October 24, 2023, following the token emissions and vesting schedule.

The Pop Social Token (PPT), with a maximum supply of 200 million, is based on the BNB chain and issued as a BEP-20 token. PPT serves as a versatile asset, offering a range of benefits within the Pop Social Ecosystem.

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Holders of PPT gain governance powers, access to mint original Creator NFTs, enhance their social recognition, elevate their platform experience, unlock premium content, increase content exposure, contribute to innovation, reward creativity, engage with their followers, boost their Web3 capabilities, and much more.

Pop Social Token, a next-gen AI social platform, has seen remarkable success, with over 350,000 downloads, 200,000 registered users, and a vibrant community exceeding 600,000 members. Operating in 180 countries, the platform boasts a daily active user count of over 40,000. Pop Social’s user-centric approach streamlines the onboarding process for traditional users, making Web3 technology more accessible by eliminating technical barriers.


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