Bitcoin Holders Achieve Record Profits Since 2021

On-chain data indicates that Bitcoin is following a trajectory reminiscent of the 2021 bull run.

Bitcoin Holders Achieve Record Profits Since 2021_65d5cc35ba472.webp

Bitcoin Holders Rejoice as Profits Reach Highest Level Since 2021

Recent on-chain data indicates that Bitcoin is following a trajectory reminiscent of the 2021 bull run, amplifying the excitement among Bitcoin holders. The cryptocurrency’s performance has been nothing short of extraordinary, experiencing a rapid ascent from $23,000 to a remarkable 60% surge within a single quarter, marking a phenomenal comeback. While experts attribute this surge to institutional interest, the narrative extends beyond this factor.

As Bitcoin continues its impressive performance, insights from on-chain and investor data reveal compelling trends that echo those observed during the 2021 bull run. This prompts a pivotal question: Are we on the brink of a new bull run?

The Euphoria of Bitcoin Investors Keeps Growing

In its most recent report, data aggregator Glassnode highlights a notable shift in Bitcoin accumulation across wallets of all sizes since October. The driving forces behind this shift are twofold: Bitcoin’s strong market performance and the rising optimism surrounding the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF.


Consequently, this mounting confidence has propelled the percentage of Bitcoin supply in profit to 83% of the total circulating supply. Glassnode considers this a historically significant milestone, surpassing the all-time mean value of 74%. This observation implies that the market is precariously positioned on the cusp of the ‘Euphoric phase’ characteristic of a bull market.

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Nevertheless, a crucial nuance emerges before holders can fully embrace the celebration – unrealized profit percentages have yet to reach a statistically significant level concurrent with the heated stages of a bull market. Traditionally, during the Euphoric phase, average holders revel in unrealized profits exceeding 60%, but at present, they stand at 49%.


However, Glassnode remains steadfast in asserting that investors are unwaveringly committed to Bitcoin. Long-term holders are reaching unprecedented highs, while short-term holders are dwindling to all-time lows, indicating that the market is poised for captivating developments.

The Significance of These Trends

The anticipation among Bitcoin holders worldwide for a massive breakout is palpable, with aspirations set on the asset reaching $100,000. Numerous factors, including the potential approval of an ETF, the Bitcoin halving, and more, suggest that the stage is impeccably set for Bitcoin’s upward trajectory.


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