Binance Announces Listing of Ronin (RONIN)

According to the latest announcement on the official Binance exchange website, they have officially listed Ronin. The project is renowned in the GameFi sector.

Binance Announces Listing Of Ronin (ronin)_65d5e35e63bee.webp

Binance has announced the listing of Ronin (RONIN) with spot trading set to commence on 2024-02-05 at 13:30 (UTC).


Users are now able to deposit RONIN in preparation for trading, and withdrawals are expected to open at 2024-02-06 13:30 (UTC). Notably, there is no listing fee for RONIN.

Important Notes

  • The Seed Tag will be applied to RONIN.

  • TRY is a fiat currency and does not represent any other digital currencies.

  • The withdrawal open time is an estimated reference for users, and the actual status can be viewed on the withdrawal page.

  • Discrepancies may exist in the translated versions of the original English article. Please refer to the original version for the latest and most accurate information.

What Is Ronin (RONIN)


Ronin is an EVM-compatible blockchain designed specifically for Web3 gaming.


RONIN is a relatively new token, posing higher-than-normal risk and potential volatility. Users are advised to exercise risk management, conduct thorough research on RONIN’s fundamentals, and fully understand the project before trading.

Seed Tag Information: The Seed Tag, applied to RONIN, indicates innovative projects with increased volatility and risks compared to other listed tokens.

Trading Access to Seed Tag Tokens: To gain trading access to tokens marked with the Seed Tag, users must pass corresponding quizzes every 90 days on Binance Spot and/or Binance Margin platforms, and accept the Terms of Use. Quizzes are designed to ensure users are aware of risks before trading tokens with Seed Tags. Seed Tags can be found on the corresponding Binance Spot and Binance Margin trading pages, as well as on the Markets Overview page. A risk warning banner will be displayed for all tokens with Seed Tags.

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