AZC Social: The Social Network for Crypto Enthusiasts

AZC Social is one of the leading social networks in the world today in the field of crypto, connecting all enthusiasts of blockchain technology and crypto worldwide.

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What is AZC Social?

AZC Social is one of the leading social networks in the world today in the field of crypto, connecting all enthusiasts of blockchain technology and crypto worldwide. Similar to social networks on Web3 like and Cyberconect, AZC Social creates a flat world where geographical distance no longer limits users from posting and sharing statuses, project information, investment opportunities, and interacting with others.

AZC Social is exclusively designed for the crypto market, allowing users to use hashtags for specific tokens to easily track discussions related to those specific tokens.

Currently, AZC Social offers several key features, including:

  • Chat and interact with friends anytime, anywhere with an internet-connected device.
  • Update, share photos, information, and articles.
  • Search for friends through email addresses, usernames, or even common connections.
  • Provide the fastest and most accurate information for crypto investors, facilitating discussions on excellent investment opportunities in a volatile market.
  • Diverse features for users to entertain and explore.
  • Ability to tag images, emphasizing relevant themes.
  • Allows the creation of surveys/polls directly on the personal wall.

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Basic Guide to Using AZC Social:

To utilize the features of AZC Social, download the AZCoiner app from the App Store for iPhone or CH Play for Android. Then, proceed to register an account.

What is AZCoiner?

AZCoiner, a technology solutions provider, has recently unveiled a comprehensive SuperApp designed to bring the world of cryptocurrency closer to users. AZCoiner has introduced enhanced features to redefine the cryptocurrency landscape, promote learning, and foster strong cryptocurrency communities.

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Key Components in the AZCoiner Ecosystem:

In a recent development, AZCoiner has seamlessly integrated various cryptocurrency components into a decentralized app (dApp). They have introduced a range of features, including News-Ads, Airdrop, Web3, and DeSocial, all aimed at simplifying the cryptocurrency experience.

Currently, users can earn AZC tokens from the project by downloading and installing the AZCoiner app. Here are the steps to receive an airdrop from the project:

  • Download the AZCOINER app (available for iOS & Android).
  • Choose your username (used as your referral code).
  • Enter the referral code: AZCOINER (to receive 4 AZC tokens).
  • On the home page, click “Start” to begin receiving the airdrop rewards (24 hours/session).
  • Share with friends to receive additional AZC. The more people use your referral code, the more AZC tokens you’ll receive.

=>> Download AZCoiner and Join AZC Social here

AZC Social Mobile Interface:

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The main interface of AZC Social on mobile provides users with features:

  • Latest: Displays the latest posts from users, continuously updating the hottest information in the crypto market.
  • Popular: Shows the most popular and interactive posts in the community. Posts with many likes and shares will appear in this section.
  • Personal Profile: Your own profile page, including personal information and posts you’ve shared.
  • Notifications: Contains new notifications.
  • Menu: Includes options related to associated services and personal account settings.

How to Post on AZC Social:

In the AZCoiner app, select the AZC Social section with an icon resembling the one in the image. Here, you can update your status, share photos, information, and articles.

After entering content, simply press “Post” to share it with everyone.

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In summary, AZC Social is a social network for crypto investors. Despite being recently launched, the user base on this social network has significantly increased, rivaling popular social networks like and Cyberconect. Leading figures in the crypto field, known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), have already opened accounts on AZC Social, attracting considerable attention from the community.


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