Arbitrum Odyssey Airdrop Event

Arbitrum Odyssey has returned, after a longer period of more than 1 year of discontinuation due to problems related to the increased number of network users leading to congestion and increased transaction fees.

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Overview of the program Arbitrum Odyssey

Arbitrum Odyssey lasts 8 weeks to drive user engagement in the Arbitrum network. Users participating in the event will receive weekly NFT badges and will receive an additional NFT if you have at least 12 badges.

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Arbitrum Odyssey Update

The first week, called “Bridge Week,” took place at the end of June 2022. Everyone who participates in the event will receive one badge. If they use Hop Protocol to transfer assets to Arbitrum during this time, they will also receive an additional NFT.

However, the event had to be paused early due to the large number of participants, causing network congestion and increasing transaction fees.

How to join the Arbitrum Odyssey program

The Arbitrum Odyssey event returns on September 26, 2023, and users will be participating in the next 7 weeks respectively:

Week 1: GMX

Week 2: Aboard Exchange and TofuNFT

Week 3: Uniswap and Apex

Week 4: 1inch and Premia

Week 5: Dodo and Swapr

Week 6: TreasureDAO and Battlefly

Week 7: Handlefi and Sushi

Week 1: GMX

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Trade on GMX v2:

1.           Access:

2.           Connect the Arbitrum wallet and transfer GMX from v1 to v2.

3.          Then open a long or short order in GMX v2 version (note leverage should be used).

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GMX – Arbitrum Odyssey

Create and share GMX referral code:

1.           Access:

2.           Click on the “Affiliates” section then select “Create” to generate a referral code.

3.           Share the referral code on social media and complete the form.

After completing the above tasks, people need to visit Galxe of Arbitrum Odyssey week 1 to complete the social networking tasks and NFT claims

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Week 2: Aboard Exchange and TofuNFT

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Buy any 1 NFT

Buy and sell NFTs on tofuNFT:

1.           Access:

2.           Deposit USD via metamask wallet,

3.           Proceed to buy or sell an NFT on the Arbitrum network.

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The interface of Aboad Exchange

Using Aboad Exchange:

1.           Access:

2.           Deposit ETH into your Perpetual Account.

3.           Access:

4.           Conduct one-on-one transactions on Aboard Exchange.

5.           If it is not accessible, then people can use a VPN.

Claim OAT from 2 projects:

1.           Claim OAT from tofuNFT:

2.           Claim OAT from Aboad Exchange:

Week 3: Uniswap and ApeX

Using Uniswap:

1.           Access:

2.           Connect to the Arbitrum network and execute any trading order on Uniswap.

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Apex interface

Using ApeX:

1.           Access:

2.           Click on the Dashboard and deposit at least 10 USDC using the Arbitrum network.

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Clam OAT

Claim OAT from the event:

1.           Claim OAT from Uniswap:

2.           Claim OAT from ApeX:

                                           arbitrum odyssey airdrop event 65b96e345a8e4

Week 4: 1inch and Premia

Swap 1inch

Use 1inch:

  • Access:

  • Connect to Metamask wallet Arbitrum network (choose Phantom wallet if there is a display error).

  • Select “Swap Settings” and turn on Fusion mode.

  • Trade an order of any volume.

  • Join Discord by 1inch:

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Premia interface

Premia Uses:

  1. The home of Ethereum L2 DeFi.

  2. Trade options on any ERC-20, provide liquidity with fully customizable parameters, and deposit into automated yield strategy vaults.

  3. A financial derivative that gives its holder the right, but not the obligation, to sell an asset at a specific strike price and expiration date.

  4. Low fees, fast transactions, and a hyper-efficient options orderbook on Arbitrum Nova.

                   arbitrum odyssey airdrop event 65b96e345e7f3

Claim NFT

Claim NFT from Arbitrum:

Summary about Arbitrum Odyssey

Arbitrum Odyssey will take place within 7 weeks and will be constantly updated by us for the next weeks of the event in this article.


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