AILayer’s Official Account X Unexpectedly Deleted

AILayer's official Account X unexpectedly deleted, prompting the crypto community to express suspicions that it may be a scam project.

Azcnews Ailayer's Official Account X Unexpectedly Deleted

On May 7th, EZinvesting reported that based on community feedback, profile pictures, profiles, and official posts of account X on the Bitcoin L2 network compatible with AILayer EVM (formerly AINNLayer2) have been removed. However, on their official Telegram channel, AILayer confirmed that accounts on their X platform are only temporarily locked.

According to EZinvesting, they previously announced the completion of a new funding round, with investment participation from MHVentures. The specific amount was not disclosed.

AILayer is an innovative Bitcoin Layer2 solution, focused on building modules controlled by artificial intelligence.

Ailayer Twitter
Ailayer Twitter

The Bitcoin Layer 2 solution is compatible with the EVM. Through Bitcoin Lightning nodes and the combined POS consensus of Taproot threshold contracts, it enables decentralized interaction between Bitcoin and AILayer.

Telegram Ailayer
Telegram Ailayer

As per Foresight News, AILayer, a large-scale AI-supported Bitcoin Layer2 network project, announced securing a guaranteed investment from MH Ventures. The two entities will collaborate to develop the Bitcoin Layer2 solution.

Formerly known as AINN Layer2, AILayer focuses on facilitating widespread use of decentralized AI through its innovative solutions. The recent investment from MH Ventures will reinforce the project’s efforts in this direction. Further details regarding the investment, including the amount and terms, have not been disclosed.



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