Aave Transforms into Avara, Embracing Web3.0 Expansion

In a significant development, Aave, the prominent decentralized finance (DeFi) lending protocol, has undergone a rebranding, now officially known as Avara. This strategic move aligns with Aave's concerted effort to broaden its user base within the evolving Web3.0 ecosystem.

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Avara, derived from the Finnish language, carries meanings such as “extensive,” “open,” “spacious,” and “inclusive.” Additionally, it holds a colloquial sense of “seeing more than you see.” Stani Kulechov, the founder and CEO of Avara, explained that these nuanced definitions inspired the selection of the name and identity for their blockchain technology company.

Kulechov emphasized that Aave’s expanding suite of offerings, encompassing the liquidity protocol Aave, the GHO Stablecoin, Lens Protocol, and Sonar, prompted the need for a name that resonates with a broader audience in the Web3.0 landscape. While the liquidity protocol will retain the Aave Labs brand, its primary focus remains on driving technological advancements within the DeFi sector.


The CEO highlighted the industry-wide shift toward developing infrastructure that supports the creation of products with widespread appeal. Kulechov expressed Avara’s commitment to ongoing innovation in DeFi, crafting tools for developers, and introducing intuitive and compelling products to attract a mainstream audience.

“We will continue to innovate in DeFi and build tools for developers while creating new, intuitive, and compelling products that attract mainstream people,” Kulechov affirmed.

He sees the rebranding as the dawn of a new era, envisioning blockchain technology as accessible, enjoyable, and usable by all. This move mirrors similar initiatives in the industry, such as Polygon Labs’ rebranding of the MATIC token to POL.

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“Avara’s Milestone: Completes First Acquisition, Welcoming Los Feliz Engineering to the Fold”

In addition to its rebranding efforts, Avara has marked a significant milestone by completing its inaugural acquisition, securing Los Angeles-based Web3.0 startup Los Feliz Engineering. Renowned for developing the Ethereum crypto wallet Family and the ConnectKit developer library, Los Feliz Engineering caught Avara’s attention as a strategic addition to its expanding ecosystem.

Under the terms of the agreement, the entire Los Feliz Engineering team will join Avara, and Benji Taylor, the founder of Family, will assume the role of Avara’s Senior Vice President of Product and Design. Avara’s long-term vision includes leveraging Los Feliz Engineering’s extensive experience in developing the messaging app Honk to enhance the Lens Protocol.


Avara founder Stani Kulechov emphasized that the transformation to Avara and the incorporation of Family into their portfolio signify more than just changes in name or structure. Instead, these developments represent significant strides toward Avara’s overarching mission: to establish an open, decentralized internet that promotes equity, encourages participation, and fosters innovation.

In response to the news, the native token of the Aave ecosystem, AAVE, experienced a 3.92% drop to $91.69. This market reaction suggests that the immediate reception of the name change may not be entirely positive, at least in the short term.


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