The 7th Largest Whale Withdraws Massive Amount of BTC from Exchange

The withdrawal of $627 million worth of Bitcoin from Bitfinex has fueled speculation about transaction links with USDT Tether's issuer.


A significant cryptocurrency transaction made waves in the crypto market on April 1st, as a wealthy Bitcoin address executed a substantial withdrawal from Bitfinex, totaling 8,889 BTC, equivalent to a staggering $627 million. This event attracted considerable attention to the activities surrounding this mysterious address.

There have been speculations suggesting that the origin of this substantial transfer might be linked to Tether, one of the prominent issuers of the USDT stablecoin. Tether’s investment trend in Bitcoin is not unfamiliar, with thousands of BTC being acquired in previous transactions. This latest move only adds to the amount of Bitcoin they hold, currently estimated at 75,354 BTC, equivalent to a substantial $5.22 billion.

The decision to convert profits into Bitcoin instead of traditional assets such as US government bonds appears to be part of Tether’s long-term strategy, reflecting the perspective of CEO Paolo Ardoino. He hinted at an ambitious quarterly investment plan, allocating up to 15% of the company’s profits for Bitcoin purchases.

Tether’s positive stance in the market is further emphasized by recent statements regarding record profit expectations in the first quarter of 2024. With a massive market capitalization of $105 billion, Tether’s dominance in the stablecoin sector is undeniable.

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Not content with merely accumulating cryptocurrencies, the company is also making significant strides in other areas, including substantial investments in artificial intelligence and active participation in impactful initiatives, positioning itself as a major player in the global financial landscape.


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