What is RSS3? Information about RSS3 Token

One project that seamlessly integrates AI with social media platforms is RSS3. So, what is RSS3? And is the RSS3 Token a worthwhile investment? Let’s explore with AZCNews!

What Is Rss3 Information About Rss3 Token

What is RSS3?

RSS3 Protocol is an open protocol focused on decentralized and efficient information distribution, specifically designed for managing content and social networks on the Web 3.0 platform. It provides the infrastructure to support both social networks and the social economy, paving the way for future applications such as gaming, social networking, and content management.

RSS3 aims to be the fundamental platform for all future applications, from games to social networks and content. The primary goal of RSS3 is to empower users to create, share, and distribute data and information independently, minimizing reliance on centralized organizations.

What Is Rss3
What Is Rss3

RSS3 is crafted to manage content, social networks, and various data sources on Web 3.0. Its system operates on a peer-to-peer model, including nodes, users, and third-party applications. This allows developers and users to build third-party applications on distributed nodes, with the ability to operate across multiple platforms like desktops, mobile devices, and browser extensions.

The RSS3 network comprises a group of stable nodes that collect and aggregate data from various decentralized networks, both on-chain and off-chain. Developers can interact with the RSS3 network through its API, granting efficient access to information on the Open Web.

Key Products of RSS3

RSS3 Social

Rss3 Social
Rss3 Social

RSS3 Social offers a comprehensive solution for exploring social networks on the Open Web. Users can search for addresses to access complete social activities of users across multiple platforms or use keywords to discover content across all open social protocols. As the largest open social indexer, RSS3 supports a wide array of protocols from Lens and Farcaster to Nostr, ActivityPub, and many others.

RSS3 Search


RSS3 Search empowers the interpretation and aggregation of information from decentralized networks. Users can easily build tools to explore and monitor activities across various blockchains. With a single query, users can obtain a holistic view of activities, including on-chain transactions and off-chain interactions.



RSS3 AI is a pioneering product in the field of Artificial Intelligence by RSS3. Using the MoE (Mixture of Experts) architecture, RSS3 AI addresses the key challenges of traditional large language models by breaking down complex tasks into more specific tasks and employing specialized AI expert models for each task. This enhances reliability and ensures real-time data access, surpassing the limitations of traditional large language models.

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Key Features of RSS3 


  • Distributed Control: Users have control over their data through index files and content in storage files, identified by key pairs, such as those on Ethereum and Bitcoin.
  • Open Source: Both RSS3 and all its ecosystem protocols are open source, promoting transparency and user participation in the platform’s development and maintenance.
  • Comprehensiveness: RSS3 is designed to handle various modules through storage, indexing, or monetization, making it versatile for multiple use cases.
  • Democratic Governance: RSS3 incorporates users as a part of its governance system, giving them a voice in managing and shaping the platform.
  • Neutrality: RSS3 is built to be entirely neutral, providing resources and opportunities equally to all applications without bias.





RSS3 has received support from several reputable investment funds such as CoinShares Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, Mask Network, Fabric Ventures, HashKey Group, Arweave, Dapper Labs, and Avalanche Asia Star Fund.

What is RSS3 Token?

After understanding what the RSS3 project is, let’s delve into its token – RSS3.

Basic Information about RSS3 Token

  • Token Name: RSS3
  • Token Symbol: RSS3
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Contract Address: 0xc98d64da73a6616c42117b582e832812e7b8d57f
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

RSS3 Token Allocation

  • Advisor: 1%
  • Seed Investors: 4.6%
  • Community: 64%
  • Team: 15.4%
  • Natural Selection Labs: 5%
  • Private Token Sale: 10%

RSS3 Token Release Schedule

Token Release Schedule
Token Release Schedule

Uses of RSS3 Token

The RSS3 token represents the RSS3 ecosystem and supports users in performing functions such as:

  • Governance Voting
  • Staking and Earning Rewards
  • Incentives for Active Network Contributions

Where to Trade RSS3?

Currently, RSS3 Token is traded on major exchanges like OKX, Bybit, and Gate.io.




Similar Projects

RSS3 aligns itself with AI development, similar to projects like Worldcoin and Fetch.ai.

Project Information Channels


RSS3 is an advanced data indexing solution, designed to structure and manage vast amounts of information, serving as the backbone for applications like Twitter, Google, and OpenAI on Web 3.0. With its three main products – RSS3 Social, RSS3 Search, and RSS3 AI – RSS3 is steadily establishing its presence in the Open Web space, promising significant investment opportunities.

In this article, AZCNews has introduced you to what RSS3 is and provided information about the RSS3 Token. If you have any questions or need further clarification, feel free to leave a comment for immediate feedback!


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