What is NFPrompt? Information about Token NFP?

Binance Launchpool announced its 41st project, NFPrompt, a Web3 project focused on A.I. Let's find out more about NFPrompt with AZC.News!

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What is NFPrompt?

NFPrompt is a Web3 platform that allows users to convert their Prompts (ideas) from their images, videos, PFP (Profile Picture), and music into an NFT created by AI technology. Art enthusiasts can trade or reuse those NFTs or reuse the Prompt to create NFTs in their own way.

Interface nfprompt

With NFPrompt, users can profit from others using their Prompts to create NFTs. NFPrompt gained attention when it became the 41st Binance Launchpool project, and the NFP token will be listed on Binance on December 27, 2023.

Features of NFPrompt

Currently, the interface and features of NFPrompt are quite simple, mainly focusing on the following two main features of the platform:

Create NFPs

Creat Nfp
Creat Nfp

Visit the NFPrompt homepage and click on “Create”, then log in with a Google or Twitter account or with a Web3 wallet. After logging in, you can select parameters and provide Prompts for AI technology to create NFPs based on your ideas. NFPrompt currently allows creating NFPs from images, PFPs, videos, and music by integrating famous AI systems such as Midjourney_V5, Stable Diffusion, and DALL.E 

Note that you will have to pay a fee in cNFP units to create NFPs, details of which will be explained below.

Buy, Sell NFPs

NFPrompt provides a marketplace where creators can buy and sell the NFPs they have created. When purchasing NFPs directly on NFPrompt’s marketplace, you will know the Prompt that the creator used to create that artwork.

Other Features of NFPrompt



Currently, NFPrompt is in the early stage of development and uses a unit of currency for the platform called cNFP, short for “credit NFP.” This unit is used as a fee for creating NFP artworks and as a criterion for distribution in the platform’s main airdrop token program, the NFP token.

Currently, you can earn cNFP by checking in daily or participating in tasks found in the “Earn” section on the NFPrompt homepage. Additionally, you can participate in NFPrompt campaigns with partners to earn cNFP and other rewards such as tokens from partner projects or USDT.

Seedless Experience

This platform allows users to log in using Web2 accounts like Google or Twitter. This makes it easier for traditional users unfamiliar with crypto or Web3 wallets to participate in the NFPrompt experience.

Gasless Experience

With the goal of encouraging users to create more AI artworks in this stage, NFPrompt is still offering 100% gas-free transactions for activities such as minting, listing, and collecting cNFP.

Note that these features are applied in the early stage of NFPrompt development and may be adjusted in the future to align with token design and replace cNFP with the NFP token.

Highlights of NFPrompt

Here are some highlights of NFPrompt:

  • Free transactions in events: NFPrompt offers free transactions for buying and selling activities in events.
  • Advanced AI tools: NFPrompt provides 3 NFT creation tools supported by AI from images, videos, PFPs, and music.
  • Building an interactive community: NFPrompt provides a platform for users to explore AI-generated artworks and connect creators with fans.
  • Artwork creation competitions: NFPrompt supports artwork creation competitions to expand brand visibility and earn transaction fees from users participating in the competitions.

What is NFP Token?

NFPrompt has two types of tokens: NFP and cNFP. NFP is the main token and plays a role in project management, staking, while cNFP is the token used in NFPrompt activities and in creating NFTs.

NFP Token Key Metrics

  • Token Name: NFPrompt.
  • Ticker: NFP.
  • Blockchain: BNB Chain, OpBNB.
  • Contract BNB Chain: 0x75E8ddB518bB757b4282cd5b83bb70d4101D12FB.
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance.
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 NFP.
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…!

NFP Token Use Case

Holders of NFP tokens will benefit from the following:

  • Participating in governance and voting.
  • Participating in buying and selling activities on the NFPrompt platform.
  • Participating in staking and earning additional profits.

Allocation of NFP Token


NFP tokens are allocated as follows:

  • Treasury Fund: 27%.
  • Growth Fund: 27%.
  • Team: 15%.
  • Binance Launchpool: 11%.
  • Airdrop: 10%.
  • Investors: 10%.

NFP Token Release Schedule

Here is the schedule for releasing NFP tokens:




  • Launch Socialfi feature allowing KOLs to use signature collections to monetize their influence.
  • Launch campaigns on opBNB.
  • Reallocate tokens for staking activities in tokenomics.


  • Establish NFP Creator Foundation to promote NFT monetization. This organization will purchase popular NFTs as voted by the community.
  • Collaborate with enterprise clients, famous AI companies, and renowned retail brands from Web2.
  • More advanced AI models and tools for users to create custom artworks as fee-based services.
  • Launch a dedicated NFT collection for the platform.


  • Launch NFP AI Foundation focusing on AI technology development for the platform.
  • Expand development in multiple countries and develop new user pools for the platform.

Project Team

Currently, the NFPrompt team is anonymous, except for the project’s Co-Founder, Sparks L.

Sparks L is the Co-Founder of NFP Prompt, graduated from the University of Waterloo in Canada, and then worked as an engineer at Amazon from 2020-2023.

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The investors of NFPrompt have not been disclosed, except for Binance Labs.

Investor (3)


NFPrompt is one of the actively building and developing projects as it collaborates with a series of major projects in the crypto market, some prominent names include: SpaceID, BurgerCities, Gameta.

Similar Projects

Here are some projects:

  • Paysenger: A Web3 platform for content creators who want to earn additional income from the knowledge they share.
  • Phaver: A decentralized social media platform based on the Share-to-earn model.

Project Information


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