What is MetalCore? Information about MCG Token

One of the highly anticipated AAA titles in the 3D FPS genre is MetalCore. So, what is MetalCore? And is the MCG Token worth investing in? Let’s dive into these questions with AZCNews!

What Is Metalcore Information About Mcg Token

What is MetalCore?

MetalCore is an AAA game published by Studio 369 that immerses players in the chaotic world of the planet Scrubs, where fighting is not just a necessity for survival but the ultimate goal. In MetalCore, military vehicles like tanks, aircraft, and robots are your loyal allies, assisting you on your path to conquer challenging milestones and objectives.

MetalCore là gì?

Set in the backdrop of fierce space battles, MetalCore transforms players into brave warriors on extraterrestrial battlefields, where combat is the only rule and victory is paramount. Besides battling monsters and collecting loot, players must also confront other opponents to defend and expand their territories.

With its free-to-play model, MetalCore invites everyone to join the fray and earn both in-game and off-chain rewards. Players can accumulate Holy Credits and Shards by completing contract missions and winning tournaments.

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MetalCore Gameplay Mechanics


MetalCore offers a rich array of game modes, with the most prominent being PVP (Player vs. Player) and PVE (Player vs. Environment), alongside TBS (Turn-Based Strategy), Battle Royale, and RTS (Real-Time Strategy) modes.

  • PVP: This mode pits players against each other in intense battles. They must either collaborate or compete to achieve ultimate victory on the battlefield. The thrill of PVP lies not only in direct confrontations but also in the strategic coordination among team members.
  • PVE: In this mode, players undertake solo or group missions, facing challenges from the environment and AI enemies. Upon completing missions, they gather valuable resources and blueprints. These resources can be used to craft powerful equipment or machines, enhancing their character’s strength and combat abilities.

One of MetalCore’s unique features is the ability to create personal groups or vassals. Players can team up with friends or recruit vassals to bolster their overall strength. These vassals provide not only combat support but also earn experience points and resources, offering shared benefits to the entire group.

Having a strong vassal team gives players a significant edge in confrontations, especially compared to solo play. The more allies one has, the higher the chances of victory, fostering a long-term and sustainable strategy in the game.

Every item, piece of equipment, and vehicle created by players in MetalCore is their property. This means these assets can be traded on the market, providing players with opportunities to earn profits. This aspect not only encourages creativity and effort within the game but also opens a potential revenue stream, turning gameplay time into a truly valuable experience.


team 12

Behind MetalCore is 369 Studio Game (369.fun), founded in 2020 with around 50 employees. This studio is also responsible for other notable titles like El Jefe Futbol, Worlds of Mechs, and Return to Moria.

CEO: Matt Candler

  • Matt Candler began his career in the gaming industry in 1995 with Activision, working on titles like MechWarrior 2.
  • He has produced, published, and funded many well-known games across platforms such as PC, Console, Mobile, and VR.
  • Throughout his career, he has led successful projects like Battlezone 2 and Dark Reign and overseen Pandemia Studios and Nihilistic.
  • At Paramount, he built the digital publishing division, focusing on popular titles for iPhone, Xbox, and Playstation with notable IPs like Ironman, Top Gun, Days of Thunder, and Star Trek.
  • Studio 369 represents a new venture for Matt Candler, where he leverages blockchain technology to reach a global gaming audience.


investor 7

On March 9, 2022, MetalCore secured $15 million in a funding round led by major funds such as Delphi Digital, Bitkraft Ventures, Animoca Brands, The Spartan Group, and Yield Guild Games.

On March 12, 2024, MetalCore successfully raised $5 million in funding from investment funds Delphi Ventures and The Spartan Group.

What is MCG Token?

After exploring what MetalCore is, let’s delve into the project’s token, MCG.

Basic Information about MCG Token

  • Token Name: MetalCore
  • Token Symbol: MCG
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Smart Contract: 0xc9E503562d0Db0A2629288a5D3b1c94Ea7741869
  • Total Supply: 3 billion MCG
  • Circulating Supply: Updating

MCG Token Allocation

Allocation 2

  • Ecosystem Fund: 13.64% (409.1 million MCG)
  • Community: 37.5% (1.125 billion MCG)
  • Team: 13.83% (414.9 million MCG)
  • Private Sale: 30.03% (901 million MCG)
  • Liquidity: 3% (90 million MCG)
  • Advisors: 2% (60 million MCG)

MCG Token Release Schedule

vesting 6

All MCG Tokens are expected to be unlocked over a period of 24 to 48 months, depending on emission rates from the TGE date.

Uses of MCG Token

The $MCG token is not merely a currency; it’s the lifeblood of warfare:

  • Mint your personal vehicle into an NFT for trading and eternal use.
  • Power up your NFT units.
  • Increase your vehicle’s payload capacity to carry more ammo and supplies.
  • Hire reinforcements, unlocking new deadly assets in your armory.
  • Enhance your firepower and fortify your armor against assaults.
  • Quickly redeploy to the front lines of battle.

Trading MCG Token

The MCG token will be listed on Bybit on June 27, 2024.


  • Q1: Expansion of the world and NFT items.
  • Q2: Launch of MCG token and Faction Wars.
  • Q3: Completion of mission storylines and introduction of Battle Pass.
  • Q4: Enhancements in territorial control and social upgrades.

Similar Projects

MetalCore aligns with the gaming blockchain genre, akin to major names like Ronin, Pixels, and The Sandbox.

Project Information Channels


MetalCore is a 3D FPS (first-person shooter) open-world game with stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, developed by Studio 369. While it presents itself as a potential powerhouse in the gaming industry, its high system requirements may limit accessibility for some players. Nevertheless, with its blend of impressive visuals and captivating gameplay, MetalCore is set to attract a vast audience of gamers worldwide.

This article has provided an overview of what MetalCore is and insights into the MCG Token. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section for immediate answers!


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